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Fortis Hospitals Bangalore’s clinical and surgical centres of excellence with great pre and post care facilities ensure that your loved ones get back to the best of their health in no time.
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Fortis Hospitals Bangalore’s clinical and surgical centres of excellence are located in 4 prime locations - Bannerghatta Road, Cunningham Road, Nagarbhavi and Rajajinagar.
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Our Specialities

For over 26 years, we have been committed to the cause of getting people back to their lives faster and stronger.

Cardiac CareHeart Care

Cardiac Care

For the last 25 years, the department has delivered the best cardiac care in India with many lifesaving breakthroughs to its credit.

Neuro CareSpine Care

Neuro and Spine Care

Offering expert evaluation and management of a range of Neurological and Spine problems by a dedicated team of experienced Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Spine Surgeons and Physiotherapists.

Urology CareKidney Care

Urology and Kidney Care

20 years of unmatched expertise has put Fortis at par with the best International Centres globally.

Gastro CareDigestive Care

Gastro Care

Offering a full range of General and Gastrointestinal surgeries, the department features some of the leading doctors in the field of General and Minimal Access Surgeries.

Bone CareJoint Care

Bone and Joint Care

Featuring some of the leading doctors in the field, the Orthopedic Team at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore holds decades of experience in handling some of the most challenging cases in the specialty.

Women CareChild Care

Women and Child Care

Backed by a multidisciplinary team, the department specializes in handling high risk pregnancies.

Liver CareHepatology care

Liver Care

The experienced team of liver specialists at Fortis Centre for Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant ensures the best treatment for your liver and the associated organs such as pancreas, biliary tree and gall bladder.

Oncology careCancer care

Oncology Care

Specialized centers for Advanced and Stage 4 cancer treatments at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore.

Associate SpecialityOther specailities

Associate Specialities

Comprised of Pulmonology, ​Dental, ENT, Fertility Centre & many more.

Best In Class Services

Best-In-Class Services

Fortis Hospitals is one of the leading healthcare delivery providers in India. It is ranked No.2 Globally in the List of Technologically most advanced hospitals in the world.

Qualified Doctors

Qualified Doctors

Fortis Hospitals in Bangalore has some of the best doctors, surgeons and visiting consultants in the country across all its speciality areas.


24 Hours Service

We are available 24 Hours at your service to bring to you are the best healthcare services to help you or your loved one get fit in no time.

International Patient Services

International Patient Services

Our advanced healthcare technology combined with years of expertise has helped us become one of the world’s top destinations for medical tourism.

Our Doctors

They have compassion to transform lives, putting our patients’ minds at ease from the
beginning of the treatment to when they are up on their feet again.

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Book Appointment Online

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Patients Speak

I was operated for ectopic pregnancy and it was an emergency operation at my native. Since then I started losing weight and had become pale and weak. We visited Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Road and consulted Dr. Manisha Singh. She patiently listened to my problems and cleared all my doubts, giving me confidence about the treatment as the fibroid needs to be removed which was big in size. She is a wonderful Doctor and the hospital has high class facilities. From billing department to nursing and all the other staff members helped me in every possible way. I recommend this hospital with full trust.

Niharika September 8, 2017


Best Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore

Fortis is a dynamic, modern, and leading multi-specialty hospital in Bangalore famed at delivering high-quality individualized health care in our state of the art facility. Since the past couple of decades, Fortis has managed to touch the lives of millions of Bangalorians, providing the best care and world-class treatment for the community. Today, Fortis hospital has been grown to be recognized as a world-renowned institution, not only known to provide outstanding care and treatment, but also enabling positive outcomes for all our patients through a comprehensive medical program and remarkable facilities.  

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Fortis is known to play an integral role within the broader Indian health sector as a prime healthcare center where specialist and complex care is provided for a plethora of medical issues including trauma. We offer a multitude of clinical specialties for ensuring seamless healthcare experiences for all our patients​​​​. We pride ourselves at being able to provide modern and advanced treatments in almost all facets of medicine and surgery. Not one to rest on our laurels and past achievements, we are constantly seeking out new therapies and technologies along with innovative practices and methods, owing to our culture of learning and discovery.  


We have on board several well-acclaimed, academically proficient and world-class panel of doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are experts in the accurate diagnosis and treatment. ​​Our specialists are ably supported by contemporary facilities which allow them to accurately diagnose, inform and heal our patients​​​. We are well known throughout Bangalore and across the country for facilitating a wide range of multidisciplinary services at all our centers. In addition, we have carved an enviable reputation owing to our comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology, especially in the field of diagnostics and remedial care in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Pediatrics, Vascular and Neurosciences medicine amongst others. We also have in place, an emergency department which provides round-the-clock medical attention to critical and life-threatening emergencies, as well as treatment to patients with immediate medical problems. Our medical specialists are well-trained to respond to any sort of emergency, quickly, efficiently and effectively, 24/7.


Our hospital is also equipped with beautifully appointed wards, day surgery facilities, laparoscopic unit, angiography suites, laboratory services, blood bank, maternity and gynecology services, delivery suites, operating theatres, intensive care unit, and neonatal intensive care unit. In addition, we also have our very own radiology, pharmacy, dietetics, rehabilitation, and diagnostic imaging services.


We have a passion for quality performance – an attribute which clearly shines through in our customer feedback. Our patients rate us very highly for our healthcare delivery as well as our emphasis on safety and quality along with our modern facilities. We are known to provide a sanctuary for our patients for rest, rehabilitation, & recovery while also caring holistically for their physical, emotional and psychosocial well-being. Our well-designed interiors are aimed at creating an aesthetically pleasing and tranquil setting for our patients to recuperate in and feel better quickly. We endeavor to improve community health and wellbeing of all our people. Thereon, our dedicated team of specialists and healthcare professionals is 100 percent committed to giving our patients the best care and attention – at all times.

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