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Leading Hemato Oncology Hospital In Bangalore

few challenging diseases require a multidisciplinary approach by highly specialized medical practitioners to combat the disease and administer a multipronged treatment methodology. At Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta’s Hemato Oncology department, one of the leading ones in Bangalore and in India, the excellent team of hematologists and oncologists work in synchrony to treat blood disorders and blood related cancers with grit and determination.
Right from the diagnosis to the staging of the disorder and its treatment and management, our doctors brainstorm together on the best mode of treatment following stringent diagnostic and staging protocols, making Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta at the frontline of specialized hemato oncology care.
Immense research goes into determining the type and nature of the underlying disorders afflicting the blood. In the hands of the best medical experts at Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta, patients can be assured of treatment excellence.
Hematology then is the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of blood diseases, while oncology is about cancers. Hemato-oncology is a combination of both these blood diseases that include iron deficiency anemia, hemophilia, thalassemia and sickle cell disease, as well blood cancers such as leukemia an lymphomas.

Pediatric Hemato Oncology

Our children are precious. And it is earth-shattering to know when they are afflicted with a cancer in their growing years. No parent has to go through that emotional trauma.
Our pediatric hematologists and pediatric oncologists at Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta believe in compassion and empathy, giving parents that bounty of hope of health of their children.
Both have the specialized qualifications and years of experience to evaluate the child’s condition and treat him/her accordingly.
We understand that every child’s physiology is different. Children and young adults or adolescents’ bodies are at a growing stage and have unique medical requirements and treatment modes.
Most children are not able to express their feelings or what their bodies are experiencing. Adolescence is the most lifechanging stage of the growing years into adulthood. Most young adults are either shy or reticent to talk about their body. This makes it difficult to ascertain the underlying disorders especially of the blood relating to menstruation cycles. We understand this phase so well that our doctors connect with the young patients drawing them out of their shell and communicating with them to confide in the doctors about what their body is undergoing.
At Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta, we have a dedicated pediatrics department which is seamlessly connected to the pediatric hematology-oncology unit. We have the experience and expertise to treat all blood related disorders and cancers in infants, children, adolescents and young adults with complete compassion and care. In the eventuality of an abnormal blood condition being diagnosed in a child, the pediatrician refers the little patient to the highly specialized team of pediatric hematology-oncology experts. From benign anemias to cancers of the blood that need bone marrow transplant, Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta’s pediatric hemato-oncology department of specialists have that niche expertise and experience that is so necessary and vital in the delicate treatment of children.

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