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May 8, 2017

“Why would I need a transfusion?”

Some patients may need a single, emergency transfusion after an accident, major surgery, or some other cause of blood loss. Others may have an illness where blood products are required frequently during their treatment eg. Patient with kidney disorders, blood disorders or having treatment of cancer. The type of blood product you need will depend on your illness or injury.

emergency “What do you mean by blood products?”

Blood contains many components that perform different functions, it is not whole blood but a blood component or product that is given. Red Blood cells Carry haemoglobin that deliver oxygen to your tissues and organs. Red Cells are usually given if haemoglobin levels are low (anaemia) or if a lot of blood is lost. Platelets are cells that help stop bleeding. Some diseases, medications or treatments can lower the number of platelets. This product is yellow in colour. Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate Contain clotting factors that work with platelets to seal wounds. Many clotting factors are individually manufactured, but if unavailable than these blood products / components may be required. Th

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