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Dr. Basavaraj Neelgar

Dr. Basavaraj Neelgar
Dr. Basavaraj Neelgar is an experienced urologist and transplant surgeon with over 15 years of surgical experience. He is keen to develop Neurourology and Andrology to serve the local population in these subspecialties. He has performed over 200 LASER TURPS and BMG urethroplasties apart from routine endourological procedures. Dr Basavaraj has completed his General Surgery training from Devraj URS Medical College and his Urology training from the prestigious St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore. He has special interest in Laparoscopic Urology and Paediatric Urology. He is an assistant professor in Urology and a faculty member in the national DNB Urology training programme.
departments: Urology
positions: Urology / Andrology
treatments: Urology
locations: Bannerghatta Road
office: Bannerghatta Road