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Dr. Prem Kumar

Dr. Prem Kumar

Dr. Premkumar Krishnappa is an Consultant – Urology, Uro-Oncology, Andrology, Kidney Transplant & Robotic Surgery, with over 13 years of surgical experience. He is an expert in laser urology procedures and  reconstructive urology procedure in all age groups.

He has performed over 1000 laser enabled transurethral prostate procedures (LASER TURP), over 500 laser fragmentation of kidney (RIRS) and Ureteric stones(URS) and over 50  kidney transplants. He has immense experience in implantation of flexible and inflatable penile prosthesis and redo hypospadias surgery. After completing his MS in general surgery, he did his DNB urology from prestigious St. John’s Medical College and Research Center, Bangalore.

He has contributed many articles in various peer reviewed journals. He has special interest in innovative urethral surgery, reconstructive urological procedures and interventional uro radiology.

He is a  teaching faculty for the DNB urology programme. He is experienced in all urological laparoscopic robotic procedures.

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departments: Urology
positions: Urology / Andrology
treatments: Urology
locations: Nagarbhavi, Rajajinagar
degree: D.N.B
office: Nagarbhavi & Rajajinagar
workingdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday