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Dr. Shakir Tabrez

Dr. Shakir Tabrez

Dr. Shakir Tabrez is a highly skilled Consultant Urologist, Uro-oncologist, Andrologist, Transplant & Robotic Surgeon with 15 years of surgical experience. He is a pioneer in 3D laparoscopic urological and advanced upper tract endoscopic surgery. He was the gold medalist and won the medal for best Outgoing Student in MS (General Surgery) in Sri Ramachandra University. He has held the prestigious role of being a preceptor for advanced lap training courses at various institutes. Trained in Strasbourg, France at the premier institute for Laparoscopic surgery, he further honed his skills at various high volume centres, around the world. He has performed over a 1000 transurethral laser surgeries for the prostate and more than 2000 surgeries for stone disease including RIRS, PCNL and other Endourological surgeries. He also has performed multiple reconstructive surgeries including Buccal Mucosal Urethroplasties andrological procedures including insertion of Penile Prosthesis. He has provided Urosurgical and Kidney transplant support across both East & West Africa as well as the Middle East.
He is passionate about the practical applications of robotic surgery and advanced endourology in the Indian urological space. He is an Associate Professor of Urology and esteemed faculty in the National DNB (Urology) training programme. With extensive experience and credentialling in open and laparoscopic urology,Dr.Shakir underwent a rigorous training programme in Robotic Surgery at the premier institute of Robotic Surgery at Nancy,France.He has also been awarded a Diploma in Robotic Surgery from the University of Lorraine,France.

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