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Dr. Venkatesh Babu G M

Dr. Venkatesh Babu G M

Dr. Venkatesh Babu G M is passion and the keen interest in the Psychiatry domain and in the field of mental health care drives in analyzing the needs of the patients with giving an equal importance on community and the clinical care. He does possess hands-on skill in the areas of Brain Stimulation, Clinical Research, Electrophysiology, Schizophrenia, Depression, Social Psychology, Anxiety Disorders, etc.

Dr. Venkatesh Babu G M is an expert and experienced in the Non-invasive brain stimulation methods like ECT, RTMS, TDCS and electrophysiology (EEG and ERP). He has been honored with ASHA Award at Biological Psychiatry Conference, Mumbai in 2016 and with Bombay Psychiatric Society Silver Jubilee (BPSS) award at zonal and national levels in the year 2011 and 2012.

After being a part of the research programs and presentations right from the post-graduation and with having the required enthusiasm, He is not only well-trained, but also a confident professional and a self-motivated person with a vision and aim of understanding the needs of the individuals and provide a comprehensive care and treatment for the neurobiological basis of psychiatric disorders.




MBBS – Government Medical College, Mysore, 2007

MD (Psychiatry) – Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, 2012

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience– National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, 2015

Awards and Recognitions

ASHA Award at Biological Psychiatry Conference – Mumbai- 2016

BPSS award at Zonal level in CEZIPS 2011

BPSS award National level in ANCIPS 2012

R B Davis Memorial Award at Jharkand Stat IPS Conference in 2011

Dr. Venkatesh Babu on World Mental Health Day & Obesity Day

departments: Mental Health
positions: Consultant Psychiatry
treatments: Mental Health
locations: Cunningham Road