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Dear Anand Raj,

This is a thank you note for Anand Raj working at fortis as a senior sales and marketing executive who took the bold step to saving my fathers life when he met with an accident on the evening of 27th August 2018.

Anand though not a qualified doctor, performed the much needed CPR technique after checking the pulse of my father while he was lying unconscious, there by reviving his breath.

He additionally had the heart to continue to join hands with another girl being a passer by too, to take him to the nearest hospital -Rama Krishna Hospital and gained all the much needed information and facts  to inform the family members of his whereabouts.

He narrated the compete set of deeds performed and also pacified us of his well being that evening.

Let alone performing this godly deed for my father he has continued to showcase his support of assisting us through all his network of friends and hospital circles for any further treatments.

His time and deeds in those moments has been countless and beyond words. My family and I both have all the very wishes for Anand Raj and Lijitha for their thankless deeds.

We need more citizens like him and Lijitha, I have learnt what I should do for the society as well.