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The Inspirational Story Of Ms. Dalia From Yemen

November 24, 2016

“A giant leap in quality of life after a complex surgery at Fortis Hospital BG road”

Dalia, a 28 year old girl, aspiring school teacher from Yemen with difficult social mores had a childhood fall with a visible deformity in her left elbow. She was able to use her hand but she always covered herself to avoid showing her deformity to friends and family. Her visits to the orthopaedic surgeons filled her with fear and dread; she was informed that it would be difficult to correct with only 50% chance of correction at best or at worst she would lose her hand function. She researched about possibilities of getting surgery done abroad and finally zeroed in on India. She visited many facilities in Bangalore but felt comfortable with Fortis.

            She met Dr. Mohan Puttaswamy, Consultant Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgeon, who evaluated her and informed her that she will benefit from a surgical correction. She was impressed by his calm demeanour, erudition and realistic assessment of her clinical situation.  After a complex surgery of 3 hours, she is able to straighten her elbow to almost 20 degree (previously she was stuck at 60 degree). Dr. Puttaswamy said “It is common to see elbow deformities after childhood fall but her case was challenging because she had a Flexion malunion and so we had to perform a 3 dimensional osteotomy and correct her deformity. These surgeries sometimes could stretch nerves and the patient might lose function of the hand. We were able to give her a good result and her hard work at physical therapy has paid good dividends with her elbow function.” She is happy that after 20 years her deformed elbow is straight, able to use her hand normally. She expresses her happiness saying “I’m a big fan of Dr. Puttaswamy and recommend others who have similar problem to come and at least meet him. He has solution for all problems. ”, she added. “ Fortis helped me navigate through difficult times by providing quality care, round the clock translation services, excellent infrastructure and at a very affordable price”.

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