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Is Keto Right for You? 6 People who Should not Try the Ketogenic Diet

The high-fat, moderate protein Keto diet has been lauded for its weight loss benefits. But since it requires extreme diet modifications and discipline, it may not be suited for everyone warns Rinki Kumar, chief dietician, Fortis Bangalore.
People who have had bariatric surgery for weight loss or a gastric bypass shouldn’t go on a keto diet. Fats are harder to absorb after these gastric procedures. So a fat-intensive keto diet might do more harm than good.
Studies have indicated a connection between ketosis and kidney stones. The salt and fluid balance changes are to be blamed.
Children should also not be put on the keto diet because protein requirements vary by age. Some studies point towards a connection between keto and impaired bone development, kidney stones and acute pancreatis in children
Rinki also warns women who are pregnant or breastfeeding from attempting keto diet. A 2013 study showed that ketogenic diet during pregnancy could cause alterations in the embryo’s growth. These changes could cause organ dysfunction and behavioural changes in the child.
People with pancreatic insufficiency shouldn’t attempt ketogenic diet, because fats are more difficult to digest in those who have the problem.
People with rare metabolic disorders that interfere with normal fat metabolism — like Gaucher disease and Tay-Sachs disease — shouldn’t try the keto diet.