Women For Wellness: Cancer Scare? Oncology Clinic At Fortis LaFemme Is The Answer

Women are second to none. This statement is immensely inspiring, an absolute fact, an undeniable reality but unfortunately it is also true in the case of serious health conditions – especially the Cancer. Call it cancer, malignancy, tumour – the abnormal growth of cells invading the body, anywhere and everywhere is a harsh reality that can happen to anyone, at any age, irrespective of the gender. 

Agree or disagree, the statistics paint a grim picture in case of women. One in every 8 women is at the risk of cancer – be it that lump in the breast, abnormal growths in the colorectal region, endometrial, cervical, skin, ovaries and even lungs. The anatomy of a female goes through many changes right from childhood, adolescence, reproductive age, menopause and do not ignore those hormones! 


Here are some hard facts:

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the women.

  • Women of all age groups are at risk of cervical cancer. In India, it is mostly found in females aged between 35 to 50.

  • Endometrial cancer is the fourth most common cancer in females, globally.

  • Colorectal cancer is the seventh leading cause of mortality in our country.

  • Lung cancer does not spare women. It can equally affect females, especially smokers.


Don’t fret yet. Smarter women make intelligent health choices and here’s why we introduced Wellness For Women – at Fortis LaFemme, exclusive medical care for women in various medical specialities. 

Prevention is better than cure in case of all health conditions, more so in case of cancer and the Oncology Department at Fortis LaFemme in Richmond Road, Bengaluru offers holistic care for female cancer patients, survivors in both Medical and Surgical Oncology. 


Cancer Care @ Fortis LaFemme in Richmond Road, Bengaluru:

  • The Department of Oncology at Fortis LaFemme is a hub of world-renowned oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, exceptionally trained paramedical staff, physiotherapists, nutritionists working relentlessly for ensuring successful treatment of each patient.  

  • Accurate diagnosis with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, advanced medical technologies for providing comprehensive cancer care. Well-trained radiologists for understanding the progression of disease. 

  • Highly skilled surgeons performing invasive and minimally invasive operations for relieving painful symptoms and preventing cancer from spreading to other organs. 

  • Multi-Disciplinary board of world-renowned oncologists. Tailormade treatment plan for each patient depending on the type and stage of cancer. Expert guidance on preventive care in certain cancers which could be hereditary.

  • Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormonal Therapy and Immunotherapy – guided by the experts with care, counselling, compassion and for faster recovery. 

  • Nutritionists to guide on detailed healthy diet plan, physiotherapists to bring patients back on their feet, behavioural scientists, counsellors for compassionate understanding and to instil confidence and palliative care professionals to reduce suffering. 

Key Malignancies and Types of Cancers Treated @ Fortis LaFemme in Richmond Road, Bengaluru

Head And Neck Cancer

Breast Cancer

Gastro-Intestinal Cancer

Hepatobiliary And Pancreatic Cancer

Genitourinary Cancer

Thoracic Cancer

Gynae Oncology

Skin Cancer

Limb Preservation Surgeries For Sarcomas

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