Cardio Care For Women: A Holistic Hub For Your Heart Wellness At Fortis Hospital, Richmond Town

Heart the most vital organ of the body doesn’t differentiate. Be it in male or female, it undergoes the same amount of stress, emotions and swings between similar excitements and if somebody, ever told you that women are not prone to heart diseases – they are wrong. 

But are women taking good care of their hearts as much as they should be is a topic of debate? Heart diseases such as cardiac arrests and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year summing up to all the cancers combined. The core reason for this rate of mortality is the mere unawareness among women about heart problems as well as the ignorance of simple symptoms which might cause dreadful cardiac diseases as they age.

Women are met with very distinctive challenges when it comes to keeping their heart-healthy. The symptoms of heart diseases can vary for women during their different stages in life such as the reproductive phase and menopause that might affect their heart's well-being. Lack of a good diet, shortfall of physical activities, infections that are not taken care of and let at a loose end has a high chance of causing direct or indirect damage to the heart.

Fortis Hospital, Richmond Town in Richmond Road, Bengaluru proves to be an epitome of excellence in cardiac care by building an exceptional in-house support team consisting of Cardiologists, Pediatric Cardiologists, Heart Specialists, Vascular Surgeon, Anesthesiologists, Critical care Intenivists, Interventional Radiologists, well trained technical and nursing staff along with other related healthcare professionals. Our enthusiastic team of experts encourages holistic thinking when it comes to cardiac treatments. The cardiac department comprises of exclusively built labs, units, and theatres with skilled experts of modern medicine and equipped with the cutting-edge technology much needed for the sensitive heart labs.


What is Cardiology?

Cardiology is derived from the Greek words “cardia,” which refers to the heart and “logy” meaning “study of”. It is a branch of internal medicine that deals with health disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system. 


Cardiology services@ Fortis Hospital, Richmond Town in Richmond Road, Bengaluru:

Adult CTVS (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery )

A surgical procedure that is performed to resolve a health concern related to the heart is known as cardiac surgery.  At Fortis Hospital, Richmond Town our exceptional team of Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery Department (CTVS) specializes in diagnosing and treating several complicated cardiothoracic disorders with sheer brilliance. Some of the common heart surgeries performed by our team include:

  • Aortic Surgery

  • Aortic Valve Surgery 

  • Arrhythmia surgery

  • Corrective surgery 

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) – Commonly known as Heart Bypass surgery/ Coronary Bypass surgery

  • Surgery for heart failure

  • Awake heart surgeries

  • Cardiothoracic and vascular procedures / surgery

  • Heart Transplant 


Interventional Cardiology 

Interventional cardiology is a non-surgical method which uses a catheter – a small, flexible tube – to repair damaged or weakened vessels, narrowed arteries, or other affected parts of the heart. Common conditions treated by interventional cardiology include:

 • Coronary artery disease

 • Heart valve disease

 • Peripheral vascular disease

Invasive Cardiology 

Invasive cardiology is an open or minimally-invasive surgery techniques used to identify and treat structural or electrical abnormalities within the heart structure. Common types of invasive cardiology include

• Angioplasty

• Stenting

Non-Invasive Cardiology 

Non-invasive cardiology is the method of discovering heart problems without the use of any needle, fluid, or other instrument inserted into the body. Non-invasive cardiologists use the following techniques: 

• Nuclear cardiology

• Echocardiography

• Cardiac electrophysiology

• Stress tests

• Heart monitors 

• CT scans

Paediatric Cardiology 

Fortis La Femme offers an exclusive and committed multi-disciplinary team of paediatric cardiologists including paediatric intensivists, anesthesiologists and paediatric surgeons. Our team’s main goal is to work towards child cardiac care on par with world class standard. The department focuses on early detection of various cardiac disorders in unborn babies using specialized echocardiography techniques. The team specializes in managing cardiac diseases at the time of birth along with other congenital defects which are treated include:

• Cardiac valve disorders

• Atrial or ventricular septal defects

• Patent Ductus Arteriosus

• Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

• Blue Baby Syndrome which is caused by Tetralogy of Fallot

• Displacement of aorta

• Congenital cardiac defects

Why Fortis Hospital, Richmond Town ?

What makes us pre-eminent is our bespoke care for each patient that has helped us in building a Cardiac Care that is sublime with an excellent reputation which has also placed us as a frontrunner for heart care as well as a serving home for several other healthcare providers.


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