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All your Skincare and Makeup FAQs Answered

While everyone loves a good cheat sheet of all things makeup and skin care, we also know that no ‘one size fit all’ solutions work. Dr. Sudheendra Udbalker, Consultant Dermatologist at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore helps us in answering some common FAQs regarding skincare and makeup so that you can get the best skin possible.
Do I need to apply sunscreen separately even when I am using makeup with sunscreen?
This totally depends upon the kind of SPF (sun protection factor) percentage is there in your makeup. Anything with 15 or more is a good enough amount for the application of sunscreen. Also keep in mind that if your foundation has SPF 10 and your powder has SPF 8, then the maximum protection is only 10 that you are getting.
Should you give sunscreen a rest on some days?  What happens when you wear sunscreen every day?
Sunscreen can block synthesis of Vitamin D by skin. There are no guidelines with regard to how many hours in a day sunscreen can be used, but its application daily is a must. Exposure to sunlight early in the morning, i.e. around the time of sunrise, without sunscreen is okay, but the moment you step out in the daytime you must have your sunscreen on.
Should you give your skin rest from the foundation on some days?
It’s always better to keep makeup to as minimum as possible and to remove it at the end of the day. Ideal way of removing makeup is by using micellar water or any oil-based makeup remover. A good quality foundation that is free or paraben, lead or any other harmful ingredients can be used for at least 6 days in a week. Giving your skin rest for a day and going completely makeup free is a good idea as it helps your skin breathe, tighten pores and replenish its essential oils.
Are there ingredients in the foundation that are most likely to upset my skin?
Just like food, there are many skin care ingredients that should be avoided at all times and costs, based on your skin type. Ladies with acne must strictly go for products that have benzoyl peroxide in them as it is supposed to work wonders for them. But, yes, the same ingredient can make dry skin even drier hence must be used first as a sample on the arm.
Which makeup mistakes are women over 40 committing and what should they be doing instead?
The biggest weapon for you against ageing is thinking right and eating well. Also, not wearing too much of shimmer and glitter in makeup is a wise and sensible choice.
How about washing makeup brushes? How often should one be doing them and how often should they be replaced?
Even though we all use makeup differently; some tend to wash their brushes every third day and some tend to forget about it completely and wash after 2-3 months or so. Some women never wash them too. Ideally. It is recommended to wash your makeup brushes every once in a month or two, unless and until you are extremely hard on makeup. Replace them the moment you think they have started to fall apart.
What is the best way to minimize pores?
If there’s one thing in your beauty routine, which should get maximum attention, then it is your pore minimising step. Because anything and everything to do with pore minimising can reverse your age clock, and give you a tighter, brighter appearance. Even though there’s no permanent way to minimise those pores, using rice water, skin tones or a branded pore minimiser is a good routine to follow.