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 Anaesthesia and Pain Management treatment in bangalore

Centre for Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Anesthesia helps facilitate painful procedures to be executed without feeling any sense of pain or discomfort during an operation. By making use of an injection to numb a part of the body to be operated, it helps the patient to be comfortable and feel at ease during surgery knowing that there will be no sensation of pain. Depending on the type of anesthetic, one can either be awake or completely unconscious during the surgery.

Since the establishment of our Anaesthetic division, the Anaesthetic Services at Fortis has gone through a plethora of changes and has grown to become one of India’s leading Anaesthetic departments, thanks to staying up-to-date with the latest technology as well continuous medical training.

Our specialist doctors and physicians – or anesthetists – are highly trained and experienced in the areas of anesthesia, pain medicine, and intensive care having accumulated several years of hands-on experience on the job. Our anesthetists administer the right dosage and right type of anesthesia while also making sure that the wellbeing and safety of the patient is the top priority throughout the surgery. Besides providing care during surgeries, our team of outstanding anesthetists is also well versed with managing and administering the right pain relief during childbirth, critical care, and resuscitation services.

Areas of Care

Right from premature newborns and young adults to elderly people, our specialist Anaesthetic Department provide the right amount of expertise in all areas of Anaesthesia including general, local, regional, and specialty areas such as sedation. Our main goal is to ensure our patient’s safety and comfort.

In addition, our Anaesthetic services is absolutely committed to maintaining the care and safety of the patient before, during and after surgery or for that matter, any other invasive procedure. Before surgery, our team of anesthetists assesses the patient and thereon, suggests the correct dosage which needs to be given to the patient. Here are the different types of Anaesthesia administered.

  • General anesthesia – Also known as a state of controlled unconsciousness, under general anesthesia a combination of drugs is given, either through an injection or through anesthetic gases, in order to keep you unconscious and free from pain during the surgery.

  • Regional anesthesia – often used for surgeries on larger or deeper parts of the body, this procedure involves the injection of local anesthetics to numb a specific part of the body for pain relief thus paving the way for surgical procedures to be conducted. Generally used for operations such of the lower body such as Caesarean sections and can also be used for post-operative pain relief.

  • Local anesthesia – used for temporarily numbing a small part of the body to be operated with the help of a local anesthetic. The patient is normally conscious but does not experience any sort of pain.

  • Sedation – induces a sleepy state by making use of small amounts of anesthetic. This procedure is also known as conscious sedation and can be used in conjunction with a local or regional anesthetic for a procedure such as an endoscopy.


Fortis is regarded as one of India’s leading hospitals and has several experienced and specialized anesthetists providing expertise in a wide variety of anesthetic subspecialties. Our operating theatres are fully equipped with the latest equipment and technology while our doctors hold themselves accountable to the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, timeliness, as well as patient satisfaction. Rest assured knowing that our unique fusion of dedicated anesthetists coupled with the latest technology and techniques is here to ensure that you will always be on the receiving end of the best possible care available in a setting that puts you at ease. You are in good hands!

Our team of highly-skilled anesthetic practitioners are experts in prepping the anesthetic room to cater to the patient’s precise needs. Further, our anesthetists make sure to duly check the anesthetic equipment on a regular basis to ensure nothing’s amiss and to ensure that the highest medical standards are maintained before, during, and after a surgery. Our anesthetic practitioners also ensure that they stay in the loop with the latest medical advances and techniques in the field of Anaesthesia as well as other related topics which just goes on to further underline our level of commitment.


Although anesthesia is considered to be one of the safest areas of healthcare today, we at Fortis leave no stone unturned to ensure your safety at all times. We have always managed to stay at the forefront of innovation and care in anesthesia owing to our transparent policies. We make sure to familiarize you with any and all risks involved before the surgery. We also make you understand about any side effects as well. At Fortis, our anesthetist will make sure to look after your wellbeing and safety before and after your surgery. This includes preoperative planning, choosing the apt anesthetic, and arranging appropriate postoperative care as well as pain control.

Before a surgery, a preoperative visit may be conducted to explain everything in detail. You will also be asked questions about your general health, any medications, allergies, or medical conditions. If you have a previous anesthetic experience, your anesthetist might ask you details about it. Thereon, he will give you advise on how to prepare for surgery by suggesting which medication needs to taken or which one needs to be avoided and how long you might be required to fast. In case your anesthetist is not satisfied with your general health or feels that there might be some risk, the operation might be delayed until the issue at hand is resolved. Our Anaesthetist might also ask you to undertake some blood tests along with other tests as applicable. It is vital that you follow our doctor’s advice so that you can be better prepared for surgery. At the end of the day, our anesthetists’ main concern is your safety which is why they will readily answer any questions for you at any time to make you feel at ease.

Once satisfied, our anesthetist will discuss in length about the anesthetic methods which will be employed in your case. After discussions about your preferences and the risks, your surgery will be scheduled and an appropriate anesthetic plan will be formulated for you. At Fortis, we make sure that each and every single one of our patients is treated with respect and dignity as an individual and not just as another procedure or a condition. Come drop by today for a consultation for a seamless, stress-free experience and embrace our personal care and professional approach while you’re at it.

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