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Comprehensive Critical Care Medicine at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

At Fortis, we are strong believers in the theory that citizens of a country should have unparalleled access to quick, timely, and equitable health care services with the objective of achieving the best possible health outcomes. Sometimes, people are often very unwell and require the aid of specialized staff and facilities to nurse them back to the pink of health. Our critical care facilities serve that very purpose as they are staffed with specialists and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that helps in closely monitoring and treating patients with life-threatening conditions.

Our critical care unit is helmed by a multi-disciplinary healthcare team and has been established to take care of people who suffer from life-threatening conditions. Keeping that in mind, our critical care services have enabled us to transform the lives of our most seriously ill and injured patients. Our critical care services are therefore designed to help our patients recover quicker which, in turn, can allow them to resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

Through our critical care measures and innovative methods, we seek to make sure that critically ill patients always get seamless access to the right care, in the right setting, and most importantly at the right time. What this does is allow us to provide outstanding support along with the peace of mind to every patient who comes in through our doors knowing that critical support and care will be available, and at any time of day.

Areas of Care

At Fortis, we are proud to state that our Critical Care facilities are like no other. We do more than save lives, we also help our patients recover quicker and better so that they can get back to their feet as soon as possible. We look to offer compassionate and quality care for critically ill patients with complex medical and surgical problems including those with, gynecological, bariatric, trauma, renal, obstetric, and neurological conditions.

Our facility makes use of highly advanced and revolutionary medical technology & equipment that helps provide our medical professionals with everything they need to look after our patients.  We have the following specially designated units designed to offer our patients as well as their families not only the highest level of care but also in an environment which fosters kindness, dignity, and respect.

PICU – Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (providing sick children with the highest level of medical care)

MICU – Medical Intensive Care Unit (for adult patients who are severely ill, and require frequent monitoring as well as intensive, round-the-clock care from a highly trained group of healthcare professionals)

NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (for new-born infants who need intensive medical attention especially in case of ill or premature newborn infants)

CSICU – Cardiac Surgery ICU (for treating patients requiring major cardiothoracic and vascular operations)

CCU – Internal Medicine & other specialities.

Although each unit’s set-up is slightly different, all these units specialize in providing enhanced post-operative monitoring and care for our patients. In addition, all these units support critically ill patients by incorporating a co-ordinated approach to patient care where every aspect of treatment is closely monitored and facilitated in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Patients who require a longer period of treatment and ventilation can continue their recovery here with the help of early, skilled assistance and often stay for a longer period of time before being discharged home.


We believe that all our patients should receive the highest standard of health care based on proven & time-tested medical experience, practice, and knowledge. Our team comprises of skilled healthcare professionals who are known to offer expert, patient-centric care for individuals with complex critical care needs. That being said, our healthcare professionals are actively looking at new and innovative ways of enhancing the quality of care provided to critical care patients and thereon, improve patient outcomes.

We have an array of medical professionals, surgeons, physicians, and consultants, who are ably supported by a multidisciplinary team from a wide range of departments and support services throughout the hospital. Thanks to our facilities and our top-notch staff, we can look after patients with life-threatening conditions, including those on life support. We aim to set a new international standard for treating the sickest patients and hope to offer people a chance to rebuild their lives.


We understand that waking up in critical care can be an unnerving experience. Trying to take stock of what has transpired and trying to understand why you are here can be frightening. Chances are that you might be unable to move, see, or hear what’s going on around you. The medication you might be receiving might also induce hallucinations and/or confused feelings. The feeling of helplessness that accompanies a critical condition – such as not being able to stand up or look around – can lead to frustrations and aggressive behavior as well. As a matter of fact, statistics have revealed that nearly 80 percent of patients under critical care experience some sort of delirium, anxiety, distress or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We work hard to make sure that the number of people suffering under this glaring statistic is reduced by helping our patients do more than simply survive. In that regard, we closely monitor the noise levels to ensure that our patients remain unperturbed by what’s happening around them. As compared to other wards, the noise levels here are usually lower which helps minimize sounds made from the constant operation of the equipment or the bleeping of the machines. We do this because we want to ensure that our critically ill patients are always on the receiving end of appropriate and timely treatment under our supervision. Essentially, we want to reduce the instances of individuals suffering from damaging effects of staying in critical care – with the aim of early intervention – and thereon, help them get back to their normal life as soon as possible.

Our facilities are well designed to provide specialized care for all patients whose conditions we believe are life-threatening and who might be in need of comprehensive care and monitoring. Our critical care units are supported by a fully dedicated team of specialist critical care consultants, medical professionals, and nurses 24/7. Furthermore, once we are confident that the patient is out of danger, we not only help stabilize their condition but also help them to get better and support their rehabilitation as well going forward. We are delighted to know that our critical care facilities along with the subsequent attention to every detail we give throughout the treatment process has managed to transform the lives of countless individuals all around the nation.

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