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I had a wonderful experience. The care, concern and attention to detail was very heart warming and all the people we interacted with were extremely pleasant and professional. They followed all the standards that are international recommendations and delivered care in the most compassionate way. Ms Shobha Achaiah was truly the icing on the cake. She handheld my family through the whole process, checked on us at regular intervals and made sure everything was handled in the most efficient manner. She is a huge asset to your organization. My family joins me in conveying our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to everybody involved in the care of Mr Balakrishna.

Prashanth Ramachandra MD, FACS


Department of Surgery

Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Darby

This was a admission for my Father-in-Law for a by pass surgery. Every aspect of our interaction with the hospital was delightful. Right from the time we went through the Angiogram, the ease with which Dr. Venkatesh explained to us and then the preparation for the actual surgery. The cardiac customer care led by Ms. Shobha really made us very comforatble and she went to great lengths to ensure that every aspect was take care of. Truly embodies hospitality. And then, the surgeon Dr. Vivek Jawali and the CCU head Dr. Murali Manohar and post op explanation by Dr Venkatesh. All awesome and Gods to us. The facilities were world class and can’t thank enough. Would like to thank Ms. Shobha and her superior Ojaswani Mahajan for their help. We were delighted with Fortis.Thank you ever so much!

Ajay Rao
Deputy General Manager-Response
The Times Of India Group,

A Biggggg Thank You to my awesome doctor Dr Anita Mohan! She is amazing at what she does and sweetest and coolest doc I have ever met  Loved the while experience at Fortis right from my Lamaze classes to my delivery and continuing to do so even now. Special mention to the most helpful Nurses, Sister Priya, Nirmala, Jesse and all the others too! And how can I forget Hima and Jayashree! Really cool experience with the whole TLC package.

Pranalika Mahanta

@FortisBangalore, Bannerghatta Road was really a transformation place for my mother who underwent a total knee replacement surgery. Thanks to the trust-worthy online information provided by the hospital which gained my trust. Thanks to Dr. Narayan Hulse, Orthopedic surgeon for having treated mom on an unimaginable surgery which she dreaded for several years and giving her the confidence to regain her strength and confidence. Thanks to the entire nursing staff and post operative care unit members for having removed a myth that surgeries at hospital are scary. Well, our 5 day stay made us feel like staying at a wellness care, with healthy food best hospitality and above all, hygienic environment. Thank you Fortis Hospital for giving a new energy in my mother..

Vishal Kadam

I was operated for ectopic pregnancy and it was an emergency operation at my native. Since then I started losing weight and had become pale and weak. We visited Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Road and consulted Dr. Manisha Singh. She patiently listened to my problems and cleared all my doubts, giving me confidence about the treatment as the fibroid needs to be removed which was big in size. She is a wonderful Doctor and the hospital has high class facilities. From billing department to nursing and all the other staff members helped me in every possible way. I recommend this hospital with full trust..



Today, in the 39th week of pregnancy, my little one partying in the womb reminds me that how blessed I am to finally have this moment in life. Yes!! For the last 9 months, I have prayed to God each day to take care of the young one and bless me with the divine gift – my baby and motherhood!
I am a 34 years old working professional in Bangalore, married for 8 years. My husband and I always loved kids and wanted to have one of our own but God had plans to test us in most extreme ways. Having gone through 4 miscarriages in last 6 years, I had suffered unexplainable mental and physical pain. Since the miscarriages were spontaneous and tests didn’t reveal any conclusive reasons, we ended up being shattered, hopeless and perplexed each time.
I had Hypothyroidism, PCOD and TB in the uterus (common problems). I took the treatment, maintained good health with regular exercise and good eating habits. Also performed all religious rituals but end result remained the same. Years passed by and I turned 33. Always worried about how difficult it would be to conceive, carry and rear a child now. Thankfully, I always had the support of my loving husband who stood by me throughout and loved me more with every passing day. Despite all odds, we still had belief in God that this can’t happen to us and with that one tiny ray of hope (hidden deep in our hearts), we moved on in life still dreaming that we will have our little one in our arms one day.
After moving to Bangalore from Delhi, we were consulting Dr. Anita Mohan in Fortis Hospital – Bannerghatta Road. She instilled a lot of confidence in us and made us believe that it is still not late and we could be parents too – just that it was important to be happy in mind. So, we tried to maintain calm and lived a happy and busy life.
Finally, in May 2016 – I was pregnant for the 5th time and of course we were anxious and scared. With the HPT line being fade pink yet again, we were worried that it may be the same sad story again (I couldn’t believe that this could really happen to somebody! – 5th time in a row would have been devastating).
But as always, I still had that 0.1% hope hidden in my heart that may be this time a miracle could happen. Since the HPT was positive, we met Dr. Anita Mohan, who put us on the best medication possible (Progesterone, Ecospirin, Heparin etc.) to give this pregnancy the best chance to survive. We were called for an early pregnancy scan where we heard the heartbeat of our baby – first time ever which gave us confidence and reinforced our belief. Then week by week, slowly but surely we crossed all pregnancy milestones with support and guidance of our doctor and blessings of almighty. The anxiety and fear got converted into smiles and confidence with every passing trimester.
Today, we are parents of a cute and healthy baby boy and there is only happiness in life (and sleepless nights of course ;-)). Can’t thank Dr. Anita Mohan enough for what she has helped us get!
Life has taught us that “miracles do happen”. Believe in God, trust your doctor and never lose hope as sooner or later, all prayers are heard and all dreams come true!

Preeti Arora

My mother Smt. S. K. Jyothi suffered a massive heart attack with 96% stenosis in her left artery and was admitted on 4th July, 2017 in a very serious condition. She was in CCU on ventilator around three weeks. During her stay, Dr. Venkatesh did an Angioplasty on war footing and saved the life of my mother, followed by very close monitoring from Dr. Vivek Padegal, who really restored her lung function by using his brilliant ideas. During this recourse, my mother suffered from acute renal failure and it was Dr. Ashish, who treated her and restored her kidney function successfully. Due to long run on the ventilator,my mother got a deadly infection of MRSA, which was successfully treated and her overall health was restored back to normal by Dr. Sudha Menon. I am very thankful to Dr. Vivek Padagal, Dr. Ashish and Dr. Sudha Menon.

The ground battle was really fought very bravely under the guidance of Dr. Venkatesh by his team member namely Dr. Shruthi Shanna, Dr. Sharul Menenzes, Dr. Siddhantlr, Dr. Abhinav, Dr. Ramya and Dr. Smriti, with their young and energetic army of the staff nurses of CCU. I have witnessed it live the actions of the aforesaid brave doctors and nurses, who really fought with death and revived my mother’s life back to normal, as cardiac arrest replapsed twice during the tenure of stay in the hospital, even after the first attack. Their timely decisions, quick and right actions saved my mother.

I am very grateful to Dr. Venkatesh S,and has given her a second life which phone with his team even during night who really took so much of pain and interest to treat my mother
is nothing but her rebirth. I know that he has been constantly on times, on all holidays and has successfully monitored the overall treatment by visiting her every day including all Sundays. My heartily thanks to Dr. Venkatesh and I cannot forget his help towards myself and my entire family, for giving back my mother to us.

I really appreciate the treatment provided by Mr. Irshad, Physiotherapist and his team, who really worked hard to restore my mother’s bodily movement. The services of Duty Doctors and the staff nurses in the ward was excellent.

My mother always used to say whenever she fell very sick, just to admit her to Fortis and Dr. Venkatesh will ensure that she returns back in good health with all the health issues rectified perfectly. Today once again, your Hospitals’ entire staff has proved it and has kept the faith more than our expectations.
Thanking you.

Santhosh M.S


Email :

I, a Nuclear Scientist, cordially appreciate the depth and expertise of Dr P R Krishnan, the neurologist who treated me for my typical imbalance, not diagnosed by other many reputed doctors.He is quite sincere in his care and treatment of patients. I salute to his thorough knowledge in his field. Besides, I do record herewith my appreciation for staff cooperation and efficient management too.

Dear Madam/Sir,

At the outset let me convey my deepest gratitude for the amazing support and kindness from your side. My beloved wife Rakhee battled bravely for 105 days under the medical care of the competent and incredible leadership of Dr. Aashish Shah and Dr. Giri Kumar: not to mention several others…@Fortis.. amazing support​.

I am also extremely indebted to the Fortis Management for financially supporting our family in these times of severe cataclysm. ​We are still trying to come to terms with the challenges which lie ahead. While the loss of my wife and mother for the children will remain as a concavity in our lives, we understand the need to move forward. It was a huge traumatizing experience for me during the last 4 months, nonetheless each day of our battle brought in to me unusual insights and allayed my outlook /perception on life​. Perhaps it was in these days of reflection, swinging between emotions and reality, fears and hopes, desperation and expectations that gave me the courage to face the situation that I am undergoing today. Rakhee fought bravely for 105 days, in spite of all odds, the only solace being that hopefully she didn’t suffer the agony and pain, which I experienced, for I had​ become numb, by th​en.

Well let me not weave a long story, emotions have to be managed but reality has to be accepted and life goes on. Permit me to come to the crux of the matter, my 105 days were inconceivable, and yet a huge learning, I suffered the pain, sensed it and internalized it. I do not find any vocabulary or terms to eloquently express the same. I also realized the ordeal of many people who were enduring similar situation and that is when I catharsised with Dr. Aashis on associating with Fortis Hospital to get into a volunteering role for supporting people in similar situations. (Dr. Vasundhra felt so early…, hardly few days…)

Nonetheless, If it is acceptable to the Fortis management I would like to chip in and love to support the patients or their families in some way. Perhaps the programme called “Care for the Care Givers”. I am sure Rakhee too would appreciate my gesture.

Look forward to your affirmative response. Gratitude…

Prof.Sudhir Kumar

We met Dr. Ashish Shah as an OPD patient and he suggested Thyroidectomy. Initially I was a bit scared but the entire procedure was done through endoscopic thyroidectomy, which was less painful and hassle free. I recover soon. Fortis hospital Bangalore was very helpful from pre to post surgery treatment. Even though the procedure (endoscopic surgery) was new for us, Dr. Ashish Shah and his team, Sr. Line Manager Dr. Siddalingaswamy explained everything in detail, which really helped us to have patience and be faithful towards this procedure. Nursing staff were very helpful as well… Polite staff always served all requirement on time. We are very satisfied with all the services offered at Fortis.

Abha Bhowmick

Dear Doctors, Staff & Nurses,

I Shanthi W/O Devakumar, who has been admitted from past 2 months. This has been a very difficult time for our family, but it could have been much more worse without your dedication and expertise. 

I would personally like to thank all the doctors, Dr. Nithin, Dr. Nagraj & Dr. Harish, the nurses and the staff that took care of my husband. My family & I are truly grateful for the level of your care. You all were able to administer to my husband. But we’re also grateful for the time you took to talk with us to help us better understand our options.

Thank you all once again. You are truly doing God’s work.

Shanthi Devkumar

My 95 year old grandmother had a mole on her nose and inside her nostriL This was diagnosed as BasaI Cell Carcinoma (BCC), the most common type of Cancer As soon as we got the biopsy report, we were told that she has to undergo a surgery. The “C” word and her age made us really worried. We consulted Dr Sandeep Nayak who patiently listed to US with his infectious smile and made us feel comfortable. He also mentioned that he will pair with Dr. Sachin Chavre, a Plastic surgeon and would get this done. With the first hurdle of finding a good surgeon passed, our next worry was how Dr. Sachin Chavre will be. When we met him, the first thought that came to our mind was if he was related to Dr. Sandeep Nayak. He was equally friendly and patient and explained in detail how the procedure will be done. The more we interacted with him we felt as if we are interacting with a family member of ours.

The surgery was done in Fortis Hospital in Bannerghatta Road. We were extremely happy with the entire team who interacted with us — from the admission till the discharge. Swetha at Fortis helped us co-ordinate with all the doctors, surgery date, admission etc.. Dr. Deepak, anesthetist did his duty of explaining the risk factors to me just before taking her to the OT, but that did not stop him from interacting with the grand old patient patiently and carried out his work with dexterity.

Very often we have seen doctors carrying a tinge of arrogance and ego, not caring to speak to patients or their dependents with affection, but what we witnessed with Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Sachin was an epitome of sincerity to their profession, humility and care for the patients. We had numerous questions and not even once did they give us a feeling that we were irritating them. After the surgery, while my grandmother was recovering, Dr. Sachin used to regularly message or call to see how she was (and in fact continues to do so). Hats off to him – this connect with the patients makes him stand apart.

In the ward, nurses Princy, Sandra, Neethu and the rest took care of the grand lady very well.

Fortis Bannerghatta Road is blessed to have the pair of Dr. Sachin and Dr. Sandeep working for them. In the era where this field is highly commercial, doctors like these make this profession noble and ethical.

Srinivasan U.S
531, 5th Main, 4 Cross, Viiaya Bank Layout,
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore: 560076


Dear Team,

This is to provide you with feedback regarding our recent experience at Fortis, Bannerghatta Rd. I would like to express our gratitude for the care and support provided by Dr. Jawali and his team. Their diligence and skill helped improve my mother’s condition. Dr. Jawali provided continuous care and advice before and during the admission. We are grateful for all his assistance.

Dr. Jawali’s secretary, Mrs. Shobha Achaiah also supported us throughout our time at Fortis. She provided timely assistance with the required documentation, setting up of appointments, providing a range of information and personally assisting us while in hospital. It was indeed a pleasure interacting with her. We are grateful for her care and support.

Overall, we had a good experience at Fortis because of Dr. Jawali and his team and Mrs. Shobha.

Thank you.

Dr. Lata Satyen

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology,

Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Geelong


Dr. Manisha is a cheerful & an energetic doctor who gives patient a homely feeling in her treatment. She & her team has been a great support from the time I got to know about my illness. God bless them with happiness & the unity the team shows in their work.


About Doctor: We have been overwhelmed with the support from Doctor about his explanation and patience. I felt myself that he is a real doctor in pulmonology not only with his caliber & capacity but also his character how he demonstrates towards his patients. Kindly convey our special thanks to Doctor for answering my doubts and providing clarifications.

About Kavya:It was true that I had some issues with front office desk about my follow-up consultations with some divergences initially but sorted out eventually by Kavya in an elegant manner. I am really astonished myself about the promptness shown towards the resolution and the manner it was treated.

About Hospital: We have been roaming in multiple hospitals and deal with multiple people during our routine consultations and procedures. I never anticipated that my problem is addressed in this speedy manner. I really appreciate your head of Patient welfare officer Kavya in this regard and express my gratitude. You can be forefront, as long as the patient health is paramount to Hospital.


Dear Nayana,

I’m writing this email to thank you for the wonderful attention and professionalism demonstrated by your team recently when my mother, aged 74 kept her appointment to get her medicals done for an Australian visitor visa at your hospital on 13-Jan-2018, Saturday.
The health-desk at the reception seem to have been informed before-hand, Mari appeared almost out of nowhere and even while I was finishing up the initial formalities at the front-desk, Mari had whisked my mother away to start the proceedings.
I know that a certain work culture takes root at all levels only when the leader at the top sets the example for others to follow. I could see the same amount of professionalism and courtesy from Mari that I experienced when I called you first in connection to the same matter. I’m completely impressed by the levels of service and consideration that you seem to have instilled in your team. Kudos to you!
I have to say a few words about Mari. She is just absolutely fantastic! Mari turned out to be so professional, helpful, considerate and completely clued into the intimate details required for the medical check-up. Mari made sure that we were not kept waiting unduly at any place and I could not believe that we had actually completed all the medical formalities within the hour of arriving at your hospital. In my books, Mari would be an automatic choice in case you have an “Employee of the Month” award instituted in your organisation. Please pass on my appreciation to Mari for the excellent service provided.
I had pushed out my trip to the States primarily because I was petrified of what my mother would have to go through alone at a medical facility for the visa requirements. This was reinforced all the more when I had an unpleasant experience just trying to obtain an appointment at Elbit Diagnostics since it is closer to home. But both – you & Mari have absolutely formed a very positive impression of Fortis Hospitals based on your excellent professionalism. Folks like you are an absolute asset to any organisation.
I regret not having been able to meet you on Saturday. Sorry about that, but hope to catch you later some time.
Thank you very much for all the help, indeed!


We, parents of Lishaan S., are writing this to express our sincere gratitude after having utilized services of some delightful professionals in Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, i.e., Dr. Veerendra Sandur (gastroenterologist), Mr. Suresh (MRI technician), and Dr. Sudheendra Udbalker (dermatologist).

We reached Fortis on October 3, 2017, after a terrible experience in another hospital where our 4-year-old son was admitted due to abdominal pain and jaundice and underwent an MRCP. Upon meeting Dr. Sandur in Fortis, we were relieved to see a kind and comforting physician. During that anxious visit, he allayed all our fears and assured us that the gallstone may pass out on its own without needing an ERCP. As per his intuition, the gallstone passed out on its own and we didn’t need an ERCP. He ordered an ultrasound, which confirmed the stone had passed out. We thank God for leading us to this right person! At our two-month followup, on November 28, 2017, he asked us to get an MRCP to reconfirm things, but we were a bit apprehensive due to the bad experience we had with sedation administered during previous MRCP with no pediatric approach at all in previous hospital. When we expressed this concern to Dr. Sandur, he assured us there is a person called Suresh in Radiology who can manage doing this without sedation. Thank you, Dr. Sandur, for rightfully guiding us at every step.

Next morning, we met Mr. Suresh (MRI technician), and this is another marvelous person who achieved nothing short of a miracle. This gentleman, being fully aware of how a 4-year-old hyperactive kid can be a challenge to accomplish an MRI, was patient throughout and confident about personally convincing the kid to sleep for the MRI instead of just consenting parents for sedation. He was clear that he didn’t want to force it on the kid, and after repeated attempts in between every other patient, which took around 6 hours, he was finally able to complete the MRCP without needing sedation. We are so thankful to this person who not only did this without anesthesia but also helped our son to get rid of his fear of going into an MRI machine. Thank you, Mr. Suresh, for doing this without pricking or troubling our son.

During the course of all this, our son also developed hand-foot-mouth disease, for which we were recommended to see Dr. Sudheendra Udbalker in Dermatology there, with whom we also had a pleasant experience – a very calm and friendly physician with a positive approach. Heartfelt thanks to all these providers who performed their duties with an excellent pediatric approach and never made our son uncomfortable at any point. In fact, he likes to meet these doctors again!

Fortis tagline says “we give hope when there is none,” and we have truly experienced it now. Please keep up this good service. God bless!

Mr. & Mrs. Shiju Antony

Dear Dr.Veerendra,

You are in a profession which gives one an opportunity to serve the society & you are doing the BEST. I did notice that you went all around the world to pursue higher education and returned back to the country to serve the nation. Not many choose to do so.

Last year you helped us by treating our Dad at Fortis and I would like to THANK YOU for all the work you did.

It’s always nice to be in touch with great souls.

Suresh Iyengar

Dear Dr Javali,

Today I had the pleasure of hearing you on Chandana TV. I was just proceeding to the bathroom for taking bath when I heard a familiar voice on TV. When I looked at the TV I found that you were giving an interview on Chandana TV. I just sat down and next 15 — minutes were most informative and enjoyable. Before proceeding further let me introduce myself. Dr K N Krishna, Neurosurgeon at a Leading Hospital is my Son-in-law (SIL). You had operated me for CABG (LIMA to LAD) in May 1994. I am keeping reasonably good health at the age of 84. I consider this as Gift from Almighty through you.

I would have perhaps congratulated you for appearing on TV and ended this letter here. But one question from the Anchor has prompted me to make this letter a little longer. I hope you will have time to go through this.

During the interview, the Anchor asked you a question, “Doctor, when you see a patient you will naturally tell him about the surgery. But how do you infuse confidence in him to undergo the surgery?” How I wish I had an opportunity to answer that question. Anyway let me tell you how I was motivated to undergo CABG surgery by you (and your team).

Tests in another leading Hospital (where my SIL was working at that time) showed that there was a blockage in LAD and required immediate CABG. Dr Krishna considered options before him. He told me that if surgery took place at that specific Hospital, then he can ensure that the entire Cardiology and Neuro Department staff can be there to attend to my requirements. Any other hospital means he will not have any say in the treatment and he will have to be a silent spectator in the OT. He found that Fortis (then known as Wockhardt) Hospital (located at Cunnigham Road) was one option. He went to the hospital and (perhaps for the first time) met you and discussed my case with you. Obviously you would have shown the facilities you have there. He was completely satisfied with you and the ambiance, your dedicated supporting staff etc and decided that I should undergo CABG at Fortis Hospital only. He conveyed this information to me and asked for my views. To be very frank, I was somewhat disappointed. My thinking (though it was completely erroneous) was as follows:

First Option: To undergo the surgery at Hospital where my SIL will be able to see that I get best attention, before, during and after surgery. Second Option: To undergo surgery in an unknown (to me) hospital situated in the crowded road called Cunningham Road. However, I (reluctantly) agreed for surgery at Fortis Hospital. The only consideration for me was that I could avail the CGHS package. Frankly speaking at that time meeting the expenses from my own resources (at that time Hospital I was consulting was not recognized by CGHS) would have been a big drain on my finances. Finally I was admitted in Wockhardt Hospital. After about one or two hours you came to my bed (in ICCU) and examined me, you assured me that mine is a simple case and assured me that I have 95 % chances of a smooth CABG surgery. After sometime more doctors from your team came to me, examined me and assured me that my surgery will be successful. These conversations made me feel that I was in safe hands. Let me add here; with due respects to the surgeon at other Hospital, I had not got that type of confidence when he talked to me about the surgery.

There was one more incident which made to face the surgery without any worry. One day before the surgery, one lady from Blood bank of your hospital came and said, “I want to draw one bottle of blood from you” I was shocked. I told her, “I am undergoing CABG surgery tomorrow. Dr Javali is the surgeon. How can you draw any blood from me? Many of my relatives have donated blood for use during my surgery. Then how can you draw any blood from me today?” (Although I wanted to utter “get lost” somehow I did not say that. Then she explained to me that you had instructed her to take one bottle of blood since my physical condition was very good and you are confident that I will be able to withstand the surgery even after one bottle of blood is drawn. Only a patient who has to undergo surgery can know the joy when he gets such a categorical statement from the surgeon. That night I had perhaps the soundest sleep since the date on which I was told that I was having heart problem. I was brimming with confidence as I was taken to the OT next day. Now coming to the other points of the interview your suggestion of employing senior (retired) doctors in the rural areas is a very sound and practical. How I wish the Govt takes some concrete steps in this direction.

You also told how much interest you were taking in learning about surgery during your internship. I will say that your interview is not only helpful to those teenagers who want to enter Medical Profession, but also to every young man who wants to succeed in his professional career irrespective of the field in which he wants to specialize. Is it possible to get the link of your interview? I would like that my grand children should see it so that they may also get inspiration from the nice words you have said. Doctor Javali — It is impossible for me to thank you enough for the quality of life I got after surgery. You have performed on me and also on thousands of similar patients. You have given me & them new lease of life. I pray to the Almighty that he should bless you with long, happy, healthy and prosperous life. Every day you work as a surgeon 3 -4 persons get a new lease of life. Please continue this good job. I pray to the Almighty that on a future date your name should come as the oldest surgeon to perform an open heart surgery in the Guinness book of records.

K G B Doss

Dear Fortis Team.


I would take the liberty to pen a few lines , in expressing my profound gratitude and share my experience on the wonderful consulting and the inimitable service rendered by Dr,Venkatesh, Cardiologist at your facility on multiple occasions throughout the last 4 years of his association with my family .

I walk back four years from today , when a good friend introduced Dr Venkatesh, to our family for treatment of my mother Smt.Amrutha Subramanyam. At that time ; my mother was treated at another corporate hospital for pneumonia . During the treatment in that corporate hospital; she was not treated for her pre-existing condition of diabetes, which over a period of 3 months manifested into a cardiac problem .

My mother was privileged to be treated by Dr Venkatesh . Post his treatment course ; she is in absolutely good health for the last 4 years and at the age of 82 years she is able to attend to her daily chores on her own. She has been admitted in Fortis for more than two occasions in lieu of conditions like low sugar and pneumonia, which had cardiac ramifications. During both these admissions ; Dr Venkatesh and his team did their best to revive her from a situation so bad, she is doing good today.

I would like to put forth that as a treating doctor , Dr.Venkatesh has a great patience to hear to the woes of the patient, provide mitigating solutions, which means a lot to the patient and brings about an aura of confidence for speedy recovery of an ailment. The soothing with words with all humbleness of Dr Venkatesh bring about a miraculous change in my mother and it proves to be the Midas touch.

I have taken the liberty to call Dr.Venkatesh on his mobile phone on multiple occasions where I imagine that it would be times where he would be busy in a surgery or in treatment of a patient . Even though it would have been impossible for him to take a call, but the good fortune is he returns the call when he is free, which can seldom be expected from a person of such name and fame , it only goes to prove his dedication and care towards his patients.

Furthermore ; My brother who has a history of Angina, was diagnosed with some issues during Nov,2017 , we consulted Dr Venkatesh He had examined him and suggested a line treatment to change his life style and augment with good medication . Post the successful treatment and making due changes as per Dr Venkatesh’ s counsel, my brother took up a assignment in the US to take a higher responsibility of Marketing with a Pharma major Mylan . He underwent a health check-up at US recently and his doctor’s have found the line of treatment good and his health is in absolutely fine. Our confidence on his counsel became so high based on such validations .

My uncle Mr Jayaram was bed ridden for 5 years with acute diabetes which had resulted in cardiac issues. We consulted Dr Venkatesh who treated him so well , today he is up and running now, attending his daily chores without help.

A host of my friends and relatives who seek help in Cardiology is referred to Dr Venkatesh , they have all found him so humble and a friend , the service rendered is of such high quality, they all swear the excellent treatment received from the doctor.

Dr.Venkatesh is one of the reason for all of us to patronise Fortis , Bannerghatta road , which at times of emergency is hard to reach , yet we are confident of the treatment once we reach your facility.

My words are just a humble gesture on behalf of me and my entire family and friends ; who stand together to sincerely thank him for the excellent treatment and wonderful consult.


Vice President- CRIS

I wish to thank the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals and staff who collectively made my experience at Fortis Hospital as easy & successful as it could be.

I had a scheduled Microdiscectomy Surgery on May 30, 2018 with Dr. Satish. In my preliminary and pre-op appointments. Dr. Mohan Putaswamy & Dr. Satish were thorough, informative, kind and compassionate and I was very confident in in their ability & the course of treatment that I selected.

On the day of the surgery, each person interacted with me and was confident and caring. I felt I was in very competent hands before & after the procedure. I was very much appreciated by all the staff and doctors who took careful consideration of my concern for post-op side effects and prescribed a patch and anesthesia method that successfully prevented nausea and pain.

I hope my thanks will be passed along to the crew, very much appreciated.

Sweta Kumari

Dr. Anita was perhaps the best life choices we have made to date!
We chose Dr. Anita Mohan based on the reviews at various online forums, being my first pregnancy, we were a bundle of nerves during our initial days. However, our mind was set at peace after each visit with the doctor. Dr. Anita instilled confidence in us with her witty remarks and a simple “Welcome to Pregnancy”, and we would go back home all cheered up!.

We consulted her for both pre and post pregnancy, she patiently answered to each of my gazillion questions & doubts during our visits. In my case, since there was no sign of cervix dilation even at full term, we ended up having a c-section. Dr. Anita talked us through the entire procedure and kept reassuring me in her cool and calm way during the c-section, which was a HUGE help as the experience inside the OT was a bit overwhelming and nerve-racking for me.

The cherry on the top was when my husband was called into the OT to see our little angel’s first moments in this world.

She is extremely punctual, organized and she never suggested any unnecessary medications, tests or procedures during the entire year.
She was very particular about getting the mother back to her former self both physically and mentally post pregnancy.

Dr. Anita made my pregnancy enjoyable!

Arpana Basak

“I met with a pretty bad bike accident in September 2016.Was admitted to Fortis at midnight where the doctors at Emergency fixed my dislocated elbow. They ran a quick XRay before plastering my arm to check if everything was fine. Since it was late in the night, no senior doctors were available so the team sent the X-ray by email to Dr. Narayana Hulse. In less than 10 minutes the doctor on duty got back to me saying I needed a surgery and would be admitted immediately. I was extremely nervous as this was the first surgery I’d ever had in my entire life. The next morning I woke up to see a very bright and happy man in a purple shirt and yellow tie – Dr Narayan Hulse. He explained my fracture to me and detailed out why I needed a surgery. His assurance gave me confidence to go through this surgery without any worries. It’s been over 1.5 year and my arm is back to normal. Dr. Narayan Hulse is an extremely good doctor and you can trust him to give you the best possible solution to your problem. His style of treatment is minimalist and he tries and avoids pain killers and other unnecessary medication. I have also been recommending him to friends and family for all ortho related issues.”

Anushila Gurung

Vaidyo Narayana Hari” which means that doctor should be seen in the form of God. A life saver who cures diseases and frees the body from suffering and pain. I Shilpashree.S writing this note to convey my heartfelt thanks to doctors and their team who saved my life.

I was reborn here in the hands of Dr.Chandrika Anand , more than a doctor an extraordinary human being who took timely decision, treated me like a family member and helped me to recover with not only medicines but with her encouraging words, positive attitude. Medicines alone would not have cured me!!!! I thank madam and her entire team. I’m always grateful to all. May their tribe increase😊

I also thank Dr.Ananth Padmanabh who treated when I was admitted 2nd time with care ,his expertise, his patience in diagnosing. I whole heartedly thank him for filling me with confidence to recover soon. I was able to breath and recover again and all credit goes to doctor whose timely monitoring made me to limp back to normal life. Thank you, doctor. My profound thanks to Dr. Vivek, Cardiologist who made me believe that I can recover with his confident approach and words. Thanks a lot!!

I also thank the doctors at ICU especially Dr.Chandra Mohan, Dr. Ravi kiran for their encouraging words & guidance which helped in my speedy recovery ;staff at X-ray, Ultrasound, Echo Emergency ward whose support is immense and I appreciate their service. Thanks all!! I place my thanks to the entire Nurse fraternity especially Nurse Geetha, Revathi, Tibi, Veronica who took care of me day and night. Thanks for their Selfless service. I also place on records thanks to Nischal madam from insurance department who worked beyond the call of the duty, walked an extra mile and helped me to claim my insurance. Thanks madam. I also appreciate the service rendered by PRO Sushmashree who visited me daily enquiring about my recovery and was ready to help always with a smile. Also, thanks to the housekeeping staff who kept the premises clean and tidy and helped me to perform my daily activities when I was bed-ridden. I thank the entire team at Fortis Hospital Nagarbhavi from the receptionist to surgeon who gave me a second life.

Chethan Sharma.P

I was diagnosed as having LEFT RENAL PELVIS STAGHORN CALCULUS with MILD HYDRONEPHROSIS and 2 additional CALCULI all together approx. 7CM. I was visiting a different hospital & diff. doctor, I was so scared since the doctor wasn’t that confident about the problem and procedure progression.

Doctor Shakir Tabrez at Fortis spent a good amount of time with us explaining the problem and solution in dot details, I was confident and could share the same with my family. Doctor met us before the operation, during the operation to update my family about the situation and also post operation. He visited us while I was admitted. Shakir sir personally visited us while we were leaving the hospital. I see GOD in him, first time ever felt doctors are equivalent to the GOD.

Deepak helped us completing all formalities and answered each query we had over phone and WhatsApp. I can’t believe people to be so nice and kind since I have experience of people disconnecting calls at hospitals. Deepak explained each every step he is going to take to ensure I have a smoother transaction at the hospital and he did, I didn’t have to speak or run around my insurance company. “Hats off” to Deepak.

During my stay at the hospital, the nurses, duty doctors, the relationship mgr. and even the house keeping team keep interacting with me and my family giving them the emotional strength. Last but not least, I had taken 2 different opinion already before Fortis and I was told I have to go under staged operation with 2 sittings, Hat’s off to the operation team who finished / cleaned all in one stage. The anesthetic team was very friendly

HAT’S OFF to the team Fortis Cunningham Road. Hopefully I don’t see a doctor again, if I do – gratitude fully it will be my fav. FORTIS and Dr. Shakir Sir


“I K. Umesh met with a self-accident and came to your hospital for treatment on 23-06-2018. As soon as I arrived the jointers were very helpful in shifting me from our car to casualty. There the doctors gave immediate attention and did the needful like X-ray scan etc., and was advised for admission. They shifted me to a twin sharing ward asked by me. Then nurse staff immediately attended me and gave injections and very soon I was seen Orto doctors DR.Kiran chouka the best person I have met. As soon as he saw my reports he advised for a surgery. The next day that was Sunday doctor told for the surgery, but that day when doctor came he checked my leg it had heavy swelling with blister so he advised us that surgery was not good at this stage as there are much chance of injection so we have to wait for a few days. If you want you can get discharge and come after 3 days. But we were not comfortable going home so we requested for stay and which was accepted. Then after 3 days he removed the bandage and said the swelling has come down but still it has to more reduce. So we waited for more 2 days and on Saturday 30-06-2018 he advised for surgery and did it very successfully with great effort and care. The anesthesia Dr.Naveen was assisting for anesthesia who done a good job on his part. After surgery I had been shifted to ward. Sisters Nalini, Neela and others were very helpful. Boys Ravi, Saravana, Mangalamma, Kala were also very helpful and polite. From 4th day physio was started. With slow progress I coped up and today that is on Friday 06-07-2018 is ready to go home. All staff dietician Dr. Kavya also came from time to time and advised on daily diet with a loving smile on her face. Mr Paramesh used to visit daily and enquire about health and staff behavior. All were very helpful. And also Thanks to Deepa, Binu and all other staff. Had a great homely experience in your hospital.”

I K. Umesh

I would like to share my positive experience and a heartfelt thank you note for the nursing staff – “Bindu”. She provided the best care possible with always a calming voice and face full of compassion. I thank her for her loving care and hospitality with her humble attitude. She has the compassion and great knowledge and knows what needs to be done. her professionalism and skills are beyond compare. her value is greatly appreciated by me and my family.
Once again, thank you for providing an empathetic care, dedication and a great healing touch.

Naveen Kumar

Last month I had been to Fortis Hospital on an emergency situation, as I was bleeding profusely from my uterus. There we met the gynecologist and she suggested for scanning. After the scan was complete, Dr. Gurucharan S Shetty was called to look at the scan, he had a focused assessment about the problem. We were then told that there was an injury to the uterine artery, he further suggested a line of procedures to solve the issue. Dr. Gurucharan took it as a challenge to cure me – he was fighting battles on 2 fronts. First to convince my family and second to get ready for technical procedure since it was complicated.

I really appreciate his knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and dedication. I can’t thank Dr. Gurucharan for the overall care & support that he provided.

Nisha S Kambi

When I was diagnosed with my problem, I was refereed to Dr. Manisha Singh. She advised me TAH. This was my first experience at Fortis Hospital & I was not very sure. But right from Day 1 it was pleasant. The staff at the reception were hospitable & courteous. Ms. Hima Bindu helped us with all the financial aspects & paper work. Mt stay at the hospital was also very good, the wonderful & awesome staff made me forget most of my pain. I would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh & her team for sorting out my problem as it was a bit complicated. Also, thanks to the Fortis staff for taking care of me.”


I underwent Bilateral TKR on the 30th of July. Right from the time i got admitted the Nursing care has been excellent. Nursing Supervisors Geena & Shanthi have been very particular about inquiring my needs and ensuring the best care.

Nurses Bindu & Anjali who have been actively involved in my day to day post operative care have been very caring and empathetic. They are always cheerful and encouraging and very gentle. All the other nurses too – Tenzing & Phiba just to mention a couple of other names ( I don’t know all the names) have also given the best possible care. Thank you Fortis team for making my stay in the hospital very comfortable.

Dr. T R Ramachandran

Service to mankind is Service to Nation “, I am really happy to receive a quality service from the entire staff of Fortis.
First of all I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, sisters, brothers, and the other staffs, for making me feel confident and comfortable, initially I was bit scared as it was my first surgery, but day 1 when I got admitted I realized how were the staffs takes care of every patient. In fact I never felt I was hospitalized, it was like my home, where everyone were like my mother, father, sister, & brother.
From the cleaning staff to the panel experts all were really caring, genuinely supportive, humble, kind, lovable, and very helpful.There was no time that I was feeling sick or low everyone helped me to recover soon and boosted a lot of confidence in me.

I would definitely recommend my friends, family members to receive the same service. I genuinely feel awesome to give this feedback also, am thankful to nursing staff, cleaning staff, scanning staff, OT staff, panel expert, duty doctors, security dept for being so caring and supportive.
Thanks for all the pampering and love.

Rakshitha H S

First of all thank you very much for all your support and encouragement and patience to look after.
Special thanks to Dr.Chandrika Ma’am, I never had hope that I will give birth to my younger one, but hats off to this lady who is very confident and caring.she extend her unconditional support to words me more importantly she was available whenever I needed her she is beyond any words I could explain.
My dear sisters wow! You people are just excellent in the Five days five days I never saw any negative expression from you guys. Really you people are Florence Nightingales Very active very alert and hands on… I really want to mention some names Miss Manjula miss Revathi Jacinta and miss Geeta (sorry if I have forgot to mention few names)
Your kind words made me feel comfortable here. thank you so much
Thanks to Dr Preeth Shetty , Very calm, patience To listen to me thank you so much for taking care of my kid
Overall experience was good thank you so much Latha Shree BK.

Latha Shree

I felt very nice with regards to the services of nursing and housekeeping I felt very comfortable like a baby in cradle looked after by its loving mother.

New hope is down even after falling second time I hope and believe that Mercy Lord is with me even when I fall down at the same spot the same cured

Operated leg, nearby sofa set was the mobile and the front door of my house was open I am able to come to the hospital at an appropriate time doctors renewed with hope

Jacintha, Divya Rani Sister, are taking care of me very soothing and I am very care free.

Padmapriya M

This hospital was very good, very caring, I was treated very well and felt safe

Nurses are amazing, person, caring, alert, warm, professional, friendly and very considerate.

Every nurse take care of me during my stay all of my questions were answered nurses responded very well 

Very impressed with everything all procedures were done in organised and skillful manner

I would specially like to thank Sowmya, Vijaya, Prathima, Sangeetha, Kavya for paying special attention and taking care of me very well.


We had got our mother Mrs Manjamma admitted to this hospital three days back at very critical condition, Today I am writing this with heart filled with joy and happiness.

Thank you very much for giving my mother a health rebirth and taking care of her like a son & daughter.

I hereby quote my mother’s word “for any small issues in my body, I want to come to fortis only” special thanks to Mr Paramesh Mani & Staff Sukahnya So this Sums up everything, Thank you Bery Much

Harsha Srinivas

Fortis Hospital is a well-equipped and a very good Hospital in and around Nagarbhavi

I have the experience of this hospital for the best 8 to 10 years. Doctors is this Hospital are very good professionals and ensure complete care of the patient the staff are also very much cooperative at the patients enjoy this Hospital and take care of doctors and staff

My special thanks to Housekeeping and other administrative staff in their duty which brightens the life of this Hospital for times

Good luck to Fortis Nagarbhavi.

P Jayarajan

Dear team 

the doctors and the supporting staff has been very good at all times ICU unit has been extraordinary  the nurses at the floor has extended very good support 

great going team Fortis


I would like to express my thanks and appreciate the entire team who took care of my uncle at this tough times.
I would glad to say that we were been treated / advice from the safe hands i.e.. Dr Prem he is gem of a person.
Also I would like to thank the entire nursing staff of second floor, Sister’s Divya , Lincy, Bindhya, Krupa, etc.. Final Thanks again for the hospital


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the hospital the doctors and nurses who treated me offered a very good service my doctor visits Were at a consistent Time of the day and the nurses came promptly and regularly
I’m very happy with the dignity and respect than a staff extended to the patient especially I would like to name Manjula sister Geetha sister I would also like to thank Dr Sowmya who treated me
Finally I’m very happy with the service of Fortis Nagarbhavi thank you.