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I had a wonderful experience. The care, concern and attention to detail was very heart warming and all the people we interacted with were extremely pleasant and professional. They followed all the standards that are international recommendations and delivered care in the most compassionate way. Ms Shobha Achaiah was truly the icing on the cake. She handheld my family through the whole process, checked on us at regular intervals and made sure everything was handled in the most efficient manner. She is a huge asset to your organization. My family joins me in conveying our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to everybody involved in the care of Mr Balakrishna.

Prashanth Ramachandra MD, FACS


Department of Surgery

Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Darby

This was a admission for my Father-in-Law for a by pass surgery. Every aspect of our interaction with the hospital was delightful. Right from the time we went through the Angiogram, the ease with which Dr. Venkatesh explained to us and then the preparation for the actual surgery. The cardiac customer care led by Ms. Shobha really made us very comforatble and she went to great lengths to ensure that every aspect was take care of. Truly embodies hospitality. And then, the surgeon Dr. Vivek Jawali and the CCU head Dr. Murali Manohar and post op explanation by Dr Venkatesh. All awesome and Gods to us. The facilities were world class and can’t thank enough. Would like to thank Ms. Shobha and her superior Ojaswani Mahajan for their help. We were delighted with Fortis.Thank you ever so much!

Ajay Rao
Deputy General Manager-Response
The Times Of India Group,

A Biggggg Thank You to my awesome doctor Dr Anita Mohan! She is amazing at what she does and sweetest and coolest doc I have ever met  Loved the while experience at Fortis right from my Lamaze classes to my delivery and continuing to do so even now. Special mention to the most helpful Nurses, Sister Priya, Nirmala, Jesse and all the others too! And how can I forget Hima and Jayashree! Really cool experience with the whole TLC package.

Pranalika Mahanta

@FortisBangalore, Bannerghatta Road was really a transformation place for my mother who underwent a total knee replacement surgery. Thanks to the trust-worthy online information provided by the hospital which gained my trust. Thanks to Dr. Narayan Hulse, Orthopedic surgeon for having treated mom on an unimaginable surgery which she dreaded for several years and giving her the confidence to regain her strength and confidence. Thanks to the entire nursing staff and post operative care unit members for having removed a myth that surgeries at hospital are scary. Well, our 5 day stay made us feel like staying at a wellness care, with healthy food best hospitality and above all, hygienic environment. Thank you Fortis Hospital for giving a new energy in my mother..

Vishal Kadam

I was operated for ectopic pregnancy and it was an emergency operation at my native. Since then I started losing weight and had become pale and weak. We visited Fortis Hospital Bannerghatta Road and consulted Dr. Manisha Singh. She patiently listened to my problems and cleared all my doubts, giving me confidence about the treatment as the fibroid needs to be removed which was big in size. She is a wonderful Doctor and the hospital has high class facilities. From billing department to nursing and all the other staff members helped me in every possible way. I recommend this hospital with full trust..



Today, in the 39th week of pregnancy, my little one partying in the womb reminds me that how blessed I am to finally have this moment in life. Yes!! For the last 9 months, I have prayed to God each day to take care of the young one and bless me with the divine gift – my baby and motherhood!
I am a 34 years old working professional in Bangalore, married for 8 years. My husband and I always loved kids and wanted to have one of our own but God had plans to test us in most extreme ways. Having gone through 4 miscarriages in last 6 years, I had suffered unexplainable mental and physical pain. Since the miscarriages were spontaneous and tests didn’t reveal any conclusive reasons, we ended up being shattered, hopeless and perplexed each time.
I had Hypothyroidism, PCOD and TB in the uterus (common problems). I took the treatment, maintained good health with regular exercise and good eating habits. Also performed all religious rituals but end result remained the same. Years passed by and I turned 33. Always worried about how difficult it would be to conceive, carry and rear a child now. Thankfully, I always had the support of my loving husband who stood by me throughout and loved me more with every passing day. Despite all odds, we still had belief in God that this can’t happen to us and with that one tiny ray of hope (hidden deep in our hearts), we moved on in life still dreaming that we will have our little one in our arms one day.
After moving to Bangalore from Delhi, we were consulting Dr. Anita Mohan in Fortis Hospital – Bannerghatta Road. She instilled a lot of confidence in us and made us believe that it is still not late and we could be parents too – just that it was important to be happy in mind. So, we tried to maintain calm and lived a happy and busy life.
Finally, in May 2016 – I was pregnant for the 5th time and of course we were anxious and scared. With the HPT line being fade pink yet again, we were worried that it may be the same sad story again (I couldn’t believe that this could really happen to somebody! – 5th time in a row would have been devastating).
But as always, I still had that 0.1% hope hidden in my heart that may be this time a miracle could happen. Since the HPT was positive, we met Dr. Anita Mohan, who put us on the best medication possible (Progesterone, Ecospirin, Heparin etc.) to give this pregnancy the best chance to survive. We were called for an early pregnancy scan where we heard the heartbeat of our baby – first time ever which gave us confidence and reinforced our belief. Then week by week, slowly but surely we crossed all pregnancy milestones with support and guidance of our doctor and blessings of almighty. The anxiety and fear got converted into smiles and confidence with every passing trimester.
Today, we are parents of a cute and healthy baby boy and there is only happiness in life (and sleepless nights of course ;-)). Can’t thank Dr. Anita Mohan enough for what she has helped us get!
Life has taught us that “miracles do happen”. Believe in God, trust your doctor and never lose hope as sooner or later, all prayers are heard and all dreams come true!

Preeti Arora

I am very pleased with the services which we got under the supervision of Dr.Manisha Singh. All tea members starting Shuboshree at the help desk, Sister/Nurses/ Attendants and other doctors were very helpful and guided properly.

This experience I would live share with my colleagues and family members as well for recommendation.

Special mention to sisters attending to Bed #666 was very nice and excellent.

Poonam Adhikari

I had a laparoscopy scheduled for which I was kept well informed by the entire team of doctors at Fortis Creation. Since I was kept well informed , it helped me to wave off half of my fear before the surgery.

The overall experience was completely smooth under the efficient care of Dr. Manisha & Dr. Sakirna & the entire staff (nurses/attendants) at Fortis Creation.

Thank you for helping me on this rod to better health.

Yashaswini N

All the Doctors & Nursing staff are very kind and co-operative. The hospital is providing good facilities to all the patients. I, underwent a laparoscopy surgery for Endometriosis & I am very thankful to Dr. ManishaSingh & her team at Fortis Creation for their support, care & compassion .
The doctors provided all the relevant information pre & post my surgery & it has been very helpful for me & my family.

Deepthi B.S

Recently my mom was admitted to Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar to undergo an operation. From the time of admission to discharge everything went very smooth. The hospital now has  drastically changed a lot, working towards the betterment of the patients with top class doctors in-house as well as consultants.

The nurse staffing, cleanliness department, food caterers, hospitality management, insurance team – all of the above were taken care to the utmost. Really happy & content with the type of care and concern my mother & our family has experienced.

Few of them who helped me in all aspect were – Chilpi, Harshika, Kavya, Anjali Nurse. I personally felt Ms. Deepa is one the best person working for the betterment of patients.

Thank you all !!

Jithendra Kumar Vagheesha

My wife underwent a Hyteroscopy & Mirena Insertion at Fortis Creation. The surgery for my wife K. Sreelatha went ahead very smoothly with no complications. I, would like to thank Dr. Manisha Singh for providing the best suggestion & care for my wife’s problem &performing the surgery flawlessly. Thanks a lot once again.

B. Madhu Sudhakar

I am under the care and guidance of Dr. Manisha Singh right from the admission for the surgery till the time I was discharged, I have been given proper attention and care by the nursing staff.

Everything was properly streamlines and my family members did not go through any trouble at all. Dr. Manisha & Dr. Sakeena kept on checking on my status from time to time. Overall it was a good experience at Fortis Creation.

I, would like to thank Dr. Manisha and her entire team for all the attention and care extended to me and my family.

Sneha Mukherjee

I am very good and grateful that I have been consulting Dr. Manisha Singh. I, first consulted her in the year 2012 when I was planning for a baby. The first time when I met her, I gained confidence in her and she not only took care of the health issue but always used to take care of the psychological affects. She used to devote time and counsel us and she gave a positive ray of hope to us.

Dr Manisha and her team at Fortis Creation were very supportive all through and even now. I, am blessed with a baby girl and she is 4 years old now. I, express my gratitude to the whole Creation team, words are not enough to convey my happiness and gratitude. A year back I had approached Dr. Manisha for dysmenorrhea when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Dr. Manisha reassured me and treated me for the same and I am doing good now.

Thank you Doctor once again for making my journey at Fortis Creation smooth & comfortable and also making our life complete with our daughter.

Vidhya U

I would like to share my experience on Fortis Hospital, related to my father-in-law’s treatment (Patient Name : Anandasayanam R). From the time of admission for angiogram to discharge post his bypass surgery, everything happened in a matter of 1 week.

We have heard about the service through another relative who underwent bypass at your Cunningham road office and we could only confirm that we completely agree on the positive feedback. All the staff,nurses,housekeeping are very very friendly and polite compared to my personal experience at the hospital next door. Every counter had patient and efficient staff who understood the anxiety of caretakers and politely answered the queries.

Ms. Shobha Achaiah who was our point of contact, was extremely helpful in guiding us through this trauma situation for our family. She was pro-active in keeping us posted on appointments, room shifting (post ICU) and the discharge which helped us to plan our time and resources much effectively.Post discharge too, she extended her support on the Surgeon’s review which was very helpful.

Overall we could focus all our efforts and time to be with the patient than on the Administrative activities which was a welcome change and experiences.

Keep up the good work and big THANKS on behalf of my family.

Radhika Raghavan

My wife and I have been married for almost 7 years now and it was our dream from the very beginning that we have a big family with lots of kids and lots of pets as my wife is an ardent lover of animals. We used to discuss the gender and the names of babies we would keep, and which one would be “daddy’s favorite “and “mummy’s ladla”. but life threw us a curve ball, when on a random checkup at a gynaecologist revealed that my wife had very few ova being produced and there was almost no chance of her getting pregnant in the future. After coming to terms with this harsh reality, we decided that it’s not the end of the world and give IVF an attempt in Hyderabad. But after multiple failed IVF attempts and a miscarriage, we had to muster all the remaining strength and bury the emotional baggage to get back to life once more. My wife who has the spirit of a warrior, picked herself up once again and decided that we give the IVF procedure another try, only this time we do it in Bangalore.

Still hopeful, my relentless wife decided to see another fertility center at the Fortis Hospital called Creation in Bangalore, where we met Dr. Manisha Singh who is an eminent gynaecologist and a specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery. With her vast experience and her exceptionally caring nature to deal with sensitive and critical cases, Dr. Singh was a glimmer of hope in our lives. my wife and I had found the right guidance and a friend in her. She handled my wife’s situation with complete compassion and professionalism, my wife who was extremely sensitive to deal with and suffered from borderline paranoia when it came to her condition had found the right doctor for herself.

Dr. Manisha Singh explained to us the way to approach our predicament and deal with it in a healthy and positive manner. She gave us a new lease of life when she mentioned that we shouldn’t stop trying naturally even if the tests and numbers don’t support you, while keeping IVF on the cards simultaneously. This surprised both of us as we were under the impression that there was no chance of conceiving naturally. She treated my wife with supportive medication and encouraged us to take a break, travel and enjoy life without stressing on our condition. We took her advice seriously and travelled a lot vacationing in India and abroad and maintained a healthy lifestyle too. After about a year of not having to worry and few more pleasant appointments with Dr. Singh, who was happy with my wife’s health and progress, it was time to bid farewell to her and India as we were moving abroad. We had decided to forget about making a baby for a while and not to worry about it for some time.

A few days before departure my wife decided to take the pregnancy test, as a routine check. Lo and behold by Gods mercy the test was positive in successive attempts. We were over the moon and delighted beyond belief. The next day Dr. Singh confirmed it with a blood test. We were going to be blessed with a child naturally after 7 years of trying. In the words of Dr. Singh “never say never, despite all the odds”. I had to leave to the US without my wife as she didn’t want us to take any chances this time and needed all the rest she could get, it was a miracle, and we needed to protect it. 9 months later I was back in time for the due date.

It was a Friday morning in August. I was Holding on to my wife’s trembling nervous hands tightly in the Operation theater during her C-section, while Dr. Singh played “Tere Bina Zindagi se Koi Shikwa Nahein” that she had sung in her soothing voice to ease our nerves. After a few tense moments, the OT lit up with cries of a baby, we were blessed with a gift from God. Our son was born. It was a surreal feeling, our dream of having a family had finally been realized. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Manisha Singh for all her help and support in our miraculous journey.

Mr. and Mrs. Shariff

I underwent Abdominal Myomectomy to remove large fibroids measuring 8.60 into 7.6 cm insize located in my uterus.

The journey was not as simple as it is. I would like to share my experience atleast for those with similar issues can still have some hopes in having uterus.

I delivered a healthy baby boy 1.6 years back through C section, reason for c section is because of large fibroids. However in my case the fibroids did not shrink even 6 months after delivery and it even increased few cms. I needed my uterus not only for babies but also for my health since I don’t want to undergo menopause at very young age since it has multiple complications involved in future. I was so concerned and worried about my fibroids, I consciously started searching for good gynecologist & one of my friend suggested Dr Manisha Singh from Fortis Creation.

When I approached Dr Manisha Singh,she asked me to get a pelvic MRI to have a clear view about my fibroids location, after thoroughly examining my MRI along with her Assistant Dr Sankirana, she confirmed ( 90 % ) that she would save my uterus which is not an easy task. She was very confident regarding my diagnosis and it made me put my complete trust in her & without thinking twice.
I gave my consent for the surgery since the fibroids at that time had started pressuring my ureteral tube ( urine pipe )

On the 1st of October 2018, I underwent the surgery and the fibroids was removed completely saving my entire uterus.

No words put together is enough to define Dr Manisha Singh.
I can only ask God to keep her happily always.

I have earned two important lessons from this,

Its always better to take second opinion.Never lose hope.


I have never taken time to write a Thank you note to any hospital and never to a corporate one. This time I decided to note some very positive comments on my recent experience at your hospital. Right at the onset I must Thank your ambadassor, Sr Geetu who convinced me to come to your hospital once again.She told me if anybody has to do your TKR then do not see beyond Dr. Chirag Thonse, I am indeed very Thankful to Sr Geetu as Dr Chirag is one of the few Doctors I would blindly trust.He made me so comfortable an at once I believed this is the doctor whom I will trust.

I have been to big corporate hospitals in Bangalore and Pune but none as genuine as your hospital. I am a very complicated patient having almost every illness and was glad that my HIV test was negative😊.I marvelled at the professional approach your doctors took. They sent me to be screened by your cardiac, diabetic and Pulmnology dept. Every doctor so kind and wonderful definitely not like the relay race you expect when you visit a corporate hospital who will send you from dept to dept even if you do not need it.

I must inform you that I failed twice at spinal anesthesthia in two major Corporate hospitals in Bangalore and when I came to your hospital your fabulous anesthestists assured me that they will succeed, in giving me Spinal inspite of my two failures,, they kept their words.Here I would like to Thank Drs Patil,Praveen, Santosh,Suma,Sreeram,Dutta, Prashanth, Satish and Vasanth. Believe me you have the most awesome team of doctors. They all knew I was a complicated case and were present during the Operation.I will only sing praises of your hospital.The post operative care was unbelievable .

I must also Thank Drs Sudharshan(Pulmo) , Dr.Sayed Diabetologist and Dr Jorgi(Dr. Chirag’s Asst.) I do hope you maintain such a great team of Doctors.

My experience began by meeting your front office team who made me feel welcome, Your nurses on the second floor were extremely professional and kind too. Special mention must be made of Dhania, Steffi , Joselin, and ofcourse Sr.Geetu. Every nurse was really good

An organisation is known by its employees and you must be proud of the team you have,

The food is delicious and I must Thank Mr Noel who sent me good food in consultation of your very knowledgeable dietican Ms Sana.

Your PR Ms Manjula was so refreshing and helpful many times.The Housekeeping staff were very obliging.

Concluding finally I must rate your hospital very high in my opinion and wish that you will always maintain this very good quality of service.

Jude Alexander Fernandes

Recently, I was in Bangalore together with my family to attend to certain family affairs. During my trip to Bangalore from Rome, where I reside, I developed severe pains in my loins. I felt that the lymph glands were slightly enlarged. In addition, I had some infection in both the feet. Soon after my arrival, I contacted my long time dear friend Dr. Vivek for help. Soon after he heard my problem, he advised me to get myself admitted to Fortis  immediately and have all the necessary tests done. I followed his instructions. Right from the moment I was admitted, I was given all the necessary help and was also introduced to the various senior technical staff concerned by Dr. Jawali. I was very much impressed by their cordiality, technical expertise and administration capabilities. I have been out of India for more than fifty years. After my Ph. D. from Purdue University and on  the staff Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, Ind.,USA, I have been in various Pharmaceutical Companies in Europe both as a Chief Microbiologist &/or management. My spaceciality was virology and later in the production of antibiotics. I was also UN Advisor to Govt. of India and later an advisor to the Vice Minister in Charge of all Pharmaceutical Industries in China, etc. I have many publications and patents. Thus, I was aware of the technicalities in any big industrial organisation. Thus, when I met such highly qualified, sincere and devoted specialists at Fortis, I was very much impressed and was certain that I am in safe hands!. My close family friend Dr. Jawali  was very much instrumental and followed all the developments. The documents revealed the detailed meticulous investigations that were made to identify my present problem and any further actions to be taken in Italy. Both my wife and myself are immensely grateful to Fortis, Both the senior and junior members are about the best  that I have ever come across. Lastly, I am happy that I had this experience and I am very proud of my experience at “Fortis”. many congratulations to you sir. Wishing you all the best future and good health to all, I remain.

Dr. Y. K. S. Murthy

Me & my wife visited Fortis Hospitals as she was diagnosed with Dermoid Cysts in the right ovary. Dr. Manisha Singh at Fortis Creation treated my wife & she ensured to clear all our queries & gave us a clear explanation – the operation went on very well & was a success.

The staff & team of doctors at Fotris Creation were very polite &
co-operative. Overall my experience at Fortis has been wonderful. Thank you so much.

Pawan M Chandrashekar

My husband & I wanted to consult an ENT doctor since my husband has been suffering from snoring issues for a couple of months. This was our first visit to Fortis Hospital & thanks to MS. Deepa & her courteous personality, we would highly recommend our friends & family to come to Fortis for the amazing patient experience.

When we entered Fortis to meet an ENT doctor, we were informed at the reception that the doctor was about to leave for the day and we would have to schedule an appointment for the next day. However, we were approached by Ms. Deepa, she was very respectful & was all ears to our query – to avoid the inconvenience of rescheduling our visit, she immediately made a call to the ENT OPD . We were then introduced to Pushpamala – the receptionist at the ENT OPD. She was also a very humble & nice lady – she quickly got our registration process completed and took us to consult the doctor

Dr. Athira explained to me very well about the process and the condition. Both of us were so comfortable after doctor explanation and she was very good and I thank her very much. My husband is doing good and shortly we are planning to meet the doctor again.

Ms. Deepa, Dr. Athira, and Ms. Pushpamala were very caring people

& Ms. Deepa very knowledgeable and respectful.

Rashmi CM

A few words to express our sincere feedback post the CABG surgery I recently underwent at Fortis Hospital. A big thank you to Shobha Achaiah who counselled and guided us throughout the entire process. Also want to point out the amazing work done by the team of nurses on the 6th floor. And of course our sincere gratitude and thanks to Dr. Jawali and his team for carrying out a very successful surgery and timely post surgery follow ups and counselling.

I look forward to receiving the same treatment during all of my follow up visits to Fortis Hospital.

Anand Prabhu