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Neerajakshi Bandaru

My Experience was good during the whole process. Doctors were very friendly and approachable for any queries. Dr. Manisha Singh, Dr. Lakshmi & Dr. Sankeerna took care of my surgery and post-operative advice.  Sister Suneetha and sister Sulochana were extremely caring & supportive during my post-operative stage. Thank you for all the support.


Deepti Sharma

I would like to thank each member of this department. For 2 years I am visiting Dr. Manisha for the treatment of infertility. It is all because of her care that I feel I am in safe hands. Recently I was diagnosed with Polyps in my uterus. D & C procedure done here was seamless. All staff members took careful consideration of my concern. Coming here is like dealing with a trusted family.


Shwetha V

"Undergoing any surgery and thinking about it is very scary and painful. Dr. Manisha answered all our queries and made us comfortable about the procedure and the surgery. The doctor and her team were humble and supportive. They timely informed us about the procedure and the precautions to be taken. We would also like to thank nurses for extending their support during the entire treatment. Overall, I appreciate the efforts of Dr. Manish and her entire team for making this journey very smooth."


Prashanth B S

My mother (63) had a chronic pain in her left knee for over 7 years & we had tried almost all forms of therapies and medication which never helped her to recover from it. In January this year, the pain became extremely unbearable leaving my mother in a condition that she couldn’t even walk a few steps. It was then we did an extensive research to find Dr Rajashekar’s profile on the web and were really moved by the kind of reviews that were on it. We immediately got in touch with him and secured an appointment to meet him in person. During the consultation, Dr Rajashekar examined & explained in detail the situation & advised my mother to go for a surgery only if she agreed to it wholeheartedly with a self confidence that she will come strong after the surgery. Dr Rajashekar also voluntarily provided a contact list of at least 4-5 patients who have been operated by him so that we could call and enquire about the surgery to gain more trust & confidence. We did call all of them and heard nothing but praise for Dr Rajashekar and his way of connecting with the patients & helping them recover. Some of them literally mentioned that he has been their God as he helped them wash away their pain & gave them a new life..! With all of the above events, our confidence in his expertise became 10 folds and my mother who had been pushing the surgery for over 5 years gained the trust to agree for it this time. The surgery was successfully executed at Fortis Bannerghatta road during the 3rd week of January & unbelievably the Dr got my mother to walk with support 3 -4 hrs after surgery. This was magical..!!! My mother was at the hospital for about 4 day’s after surgery & is now recovering from her condition quite significantly. Dr Rajashekar is someone who takes personal attention/care of all his patients. Even for the smallest of the queries we had pre & post surgery, he has always been available to consult over his mobile. I don’t remember calling the hospital IVR at all :-). Post surgery he takes special care by suggesting the right physiotherapists who are vital to help patients recover from time to time. He listens to us genuinely and offers suggestions that best fit our situation. He even referred personnel who could visit our home to do the dressing instead of we having to travel 25-30 km to meet him at the hospital. A couple of times that we had called, he was in conferences around the country and he made it a point to call us back to help us with our questions. We had recently referred my aunt who suffered from knee pain to go meet Dr Rajashekar. She consulted him and evaluating her condition he suggested her a recovery with medicines instead of surgery. So, he is someone who evaluates & suggests what is best for you rather than pushing for a surgery like most of the doctors today do. We trusted Dr Rajashekar without a second thought & strongly recommend you to trust him & his expertise to help recover.



I am Meenakshi , Age 29, I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid cancer. I was completely shattered when I came to know about this scary disease. After visiting several Onco surgeons for my situation I was so much afraid of the treatment that I did not know where to go for the surgery. As all of them were having a very different opinion for the procedure to be followed. Finally, when I met Dr. Sandeep at Fortis, he explained about the disease in a convincing manner which boosted my confidence that my disease is totally curable. He explained about the Robotic procedure that will not leave a scar on the body was something that was unique way of Operating Thyroid cancer. I am thankful to God that I got to know about the speciality of Fortis Hospital and the expertise of Dr. Sandeep Nayak and his team. A successful robotic Surgery was done to remove my infected Thyroid gland, and I am doing well now. I and my family are grateful to Dr.Sandeep for making us educated on this disease and helping us understand the treatment procedure that held high my inner strength. The fear of this disease is more than the fear of the treatment. But Dr. Sandeep has made it so easy that it’s just one month since I have undergone the surgery but I am leading a Healthy life. I hope the awareness about the treatment is well conveyed in the society so that people don’t get panic if they are affected with Thyroid Cancer.


Mukendi M Harmonie

I underwent an abdominal myomectomy for removal of 19 fibroids. My experience was great all the staff were very courteous and caring. May God Bless all of them especially Dr Manisha Singh for the successful surgery. May God grant her with all the blessing


Mrs Suman R

I had irregular periods and continuous bleeding for 3 weeks. I consulted Dr Manisha Singh and she explained the problem and its remedy. I underwent a hysteroscopy & DNC along with Mirena insertion. She is the best doctor I have known& I was assured I was in safe hands. My overall experience at Fortis Creation from consultation to admission and discharge was very convenient and hassle-free. Dr Manisha and the FOrtis CReation team is amazing, just excellent!


Pallavi Akhouri

I underwent a hysteroscopy, septum resection and resection of fibroid polyp at Fortis Creation. I would like to thank Dr Manisha and the Fortis Creation team for the successful treatment and hospitality. Dr Manisha is a very caring patient and friendly doctor - She explained me my issue ad treatment plan in details which helped me get confident about the surgery.


Sumitha KB

A big thank you to Dr Manisha and the Fortis Creation team. Dr Manisha is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. In 2014 I underwent Laprasacopy Surgery for endometriosis and post that I conceived through IVF. My little angel was born and I am really grateful to Dr Manisha for making our family complete. In 2019, I was diagnosed with a cyst in my ovaries, Dr Manisha reassured me and I underwent a laparoscopy surgery for the removal of the cysts. Post and pre-surgery Dr Manisha and the Fortis Creation team was very supportive and caring. Dr Manisha is a wonderful doctor, I am extremely happy and thankful.


Sirisha Hemantha

I still recollect the day I first met you, you had done a basic investigation and ensured me I will be blessed with a baby. ON the same note - end of 2019 your boon has come true and we’re blessed with a baby girl. In 2018 our confidence levels were at rock bottom and by god’s grace we met you and your timely support & uncompromising treatment plan has helped me pass through the toughest phase in our lives. A thank you is not enough to express our joy.


Shebah Nita
In 2018 our confidence levels were a

I was suffering for multiple Fibroids and underwent an abdominal myomectomy. I would like to thank Dr Manisha Singh for the surgery that was handled so well. She explains the treatment plan very well, this helps build confidence in us to undergo the surgery. Extremely grateful to Dr. Manish Singh


Ms Deepali Bedi

Dr Manisha is one of the best gynaecologists we have ever met. We consulted Dr Manisha after going through her profile on the Fortis Bangalore website and was impressed with her qualifications and experience. She is candid, polite, friendly and is the best at what she does. I underwent ana abdominal myomectomy for large fibroid uterus. The surgery was done in no time and post-surgery my menstrual cycle was comfortable compared to before, the entire treatment was worth it. Thanks, Dr Manisha.


Durga Devi Shukla

We are extremely happy with the attitude of Dr Manisha Singh and the Fortis Creation team. I am grateful to you for diagnosing and management of Scar Endometriosis. Pre and post-surgery care and explanation provided by Dr Manisha & the Fortis Creation team was exceptional. I, want to be free from the pain & suffering from endometriosis - I, will definitely need Dr Manisha’s care, suggestions and advice in future as well. Thank you doctor for all your help and support


Soumitra & Mahur Bhattacharya

We have been consulting Dr Manisha Singh for 3 years and she has always been reassuring in explaining the problem. She spends a good amount of time to make us feel comfortable regarding the treatment plan. We would like to sincerely thank Dr Manisha Singh and the Fortis Creation team for taking such good care. Special mention to Subhashree, Dr Lakhsmi, Dr Sakeena for making my entire hospital stay experience stress free and comfortable.


Shweta Deshpande

I was diagnosed with large uterine fibroid. Dr Manisha Singh did an abdominal myomectomy for removal of the fibroid. I really want to thank Dr Manisha, she is an amazing and the best doctor. The Fortis Creation team is very supportive and caring, special mention to Dr Sakeena & Dr Lakhsmi.


Lincy Joseph

I was suffering from irregular periods & for over a month I felt a polyp(small) in my vaginal area. I was referred by my colleagues to Dr Manisha Singh & Thank God for such a wonderful doctor. On my first consultation with Dr Manisha, she noticed my thickened endometrium and advised me to undergo some tests and investigation. On receiving my biopsy report I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of uterus endometria, but Dr Manisha conveyed everything in an excellent and effective way. I underwent a hysterectomy - radical and I’m extremely happy with how my treatment pre & post-surgery has been handled by Dr Manisha and the Fortis Creation Team Once again thank you, Dr. Manisha, for each and everything, and I thank Uro Dept. for coordinating for my surgery. God bless you and your family, Dr Manisha and team


Bhaskar Reddy

My mother at 65 years old got a Knee operation done by Dr. Rajashekhar K T. MY mother was suffering from knee pain for the past 8 years, she used to limp & walk. Post surgery my mother able to walk within 15 days without any support, she climbed the stairs to the first floor all by herself. In another 3 weeks post surgery, she felt no pain. A big thank you to Dr Rajashekhar, he gives his individual attention to the patient & is a very humble & caring human. He provided the best treatment for my mother, me along with my family members are so glad to see my mother enjoy her everyday life - walking & moving around. Hats of to you doctor.


Dr Sabita Paul

Dr Manisha and the Fortis Creation team were very helpful in diagnosing the problem of Endometriosis & hydrosalpinx. They advised the appropriate treatment & were clear in informing me the same. I received good inpatient care. Surgery & post-op period was also comfortable. Special mention to the nursing staff for the care



Overall, I can say very good experience, Dr. Manisha was a kind and very friendly doctor. I felt we came to the right place for treatment. The staff at Fortis Creation was also very caring & supportive. Special mention to Hima Bindu for helping us out with the insurance.


Pratibha Rajendrappa

As a couple, I and Bhargav had trouble conceiving a baby for 2 years. Had taken treatment at the USA for the same and even underwent two cycles of IUI with no success. A friend of ours, Dr Mouli recommended Dr Manisha Singh. Our hopes of parenthood were rekindled with her suggestion of an ovarian drilling procedure. She explained the whole procedure during the scanning session that gave us a clear picture of what was one of the causes for not conceiving and what could be done to enhance the chances. This way of explaining the medical procedure was to done earlier by the doctors whom we had consulted in the past. The procedure went on well and smoothly. The doctor’s way of dealing with us, on the whole, was very friendly and heartwarming. The staff of the hospitals too were very friendly and professional. Thank you all for rekindling our hopes and will surely come back with good news very soon.

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